Drawing: Steam Punk

3DBuzz is excited to announce the availability of a new course: Drawing: Steam Punk! This class will explore the drawing techniques of steam punk artwork. The first seven weeks will include homework that is to be submitted within the week of each session, which will be critiqued by your lead instructor, Derek Stevens.

This course will have a single, 2 hour, live session per week for 8 weeks. For students who cannot attend, however, we will be recording each session and make them available through streaming access on the 3DBuzz website.

Week 1 - Introduction: What is Steam Punk

Week 2 - Weapons and Gear of Steam Punk

Week 3 - Headwear and Hair Styles

Week 4 - Character Design

Week 5 - Mercenary Madam

Week 6 - Fantasy Steampunk

Week 7 - Knight Baroness

Week 8 - Monsters of Steampunk and Mechanical Design.