Live Classes

The live class format allows us to do something you just can't get from a training video: we can finally cater to exactly what you need to know and give you the help you need, right when you need it most.

All of our classes are held in online webinar format. This means that you really only need the Citrix software for GoToWebinar to take part. It's free software, and runs well on each major platform.

In addition, each class session is recorded and made available to you on our streaming system.

To sign up for a class, select one from the list and enroll in it. By enrolling, you will be get notified of class updates and be able to submit homework. You will then need to complete the webinar registration form that can be found under each upcoming session in the class.

Member Sponsorhip

Member Sponsorship is a monthly subscription service in which we provide access to exclusive content available nowhere else on the site! We also provide access to many of our for-sale training products via on-demand streaming! Why spend thousands of dollars on DVDs when you can get access to what you want right now for only $35 a month?

Member Sponsorship gives you at-your-fingertips access to over 2100 exclusive training videos (and counting!), letting you watch 3D Buzz products without having to spend hundreds of dollars on physical copies!

In addition - Member Sponsorship includes access to all of our live classes and workshops!

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