About this Series

Mastering Maya: The Fundamentals

This bundle allows you access to the entire library of video curriculum originally designed for the Mastering Maya: The Fundamentals Online Class. This bundle allows you to get your hands on these incredible videos without having to deal with the time constraints and scheduling of the actual online class. Learn at your own pace as we guide you step-by-step through the process of growing from a Maya beginner into a true Maya master!

Within these discs you will find over eighty two hours of the finest introductory Maya training ever compiled. Whether you are a complete stranger to the world of Maya, are self-taught, or have already received formal education, prepare to receive a training experience unlike anything you've ever seen, and a level of self-confidence you would have never thought possible! Immerse yourself in nearly 400 videos, covering topics ranging from introductions to 3D space, to modeling, animation, lighting, rendering, scripting, and so much more! As you progress through three highly varied and intensive projects, each focusing on different areas of the program, and carefully designed to bring your skills to a professional level in a smooth, flowing manner. Virtually every aspect of the program is explained and made clear, keeping the beginner skill set in mind.

So sit down, strap in, and get ready to experience a true synergy of fundamental education seamlessly blended with intermediate to advanced techniques. Do you have what it takes to truly master Maya?

What will I learn from Mastering Maya: The Fundamentals?

Your education begins from the standpoint of the complete beginner, providing you with a guided tour of the user interface, and allowing you to familiarize and feel at ease with Maya’s many controls. From there, you will launch into the first of three very in-depth projects, each one building upon the last to carry you comfortably to the level of proficient Maya user as you create beautifully detailed animations. The projects are very comprehensive, and each and every step carefully explained to make sure that you not only understand what it is you’re doing, but exactly why you’re doing it and how each tool you use works within Maya!

Project 1: The Talented Ball

This project serves as a way to get your feet wet with Maya. This project expands upon the introductory videos by showing you how to construct, animate, and render your own digital scenes! The project focuses on every animator's rite of passage, a bouncing ball. However, instead of simply bouncing the ball across a basic scene, you'll spice things up by treating the ball as if it were a character performing for a talent show!

Project 2: The Abduction

The second project kicks things into a higher gear as you learn how to handle larger scenes that cover multiple shots, and include more complex objects, more detailed textures, and advanced lighting systems. You'll model, texture and animate an extraterrestrial invader as he sneaks into a moonit suburb to abduct a very unlikey subject. This project focuses very highly on animation workflow, showing you many techniques to simplify your animations while providing you with maximum control over your scenes

Project 3: When Mechs Attack

In this, the most technical of the three projects, you will learn how to handle vast scenes comprised of many different and highly advanced components. You'll take a deeper look at modeling, shading, and special effects as you create a scene that includes a towering battle robot that marches across a snowy landscape, destroying a building with a single blast from its mighty cannon. This project will introduce you to Maya's powerful particle system, enabling you to create a blustery snowstorm, along with your own pyrotechnic effects such as smoke and fire!