About this Series

Houdini FastTrack

Get your hands on seven separate Houdini video training sets all at once and all for one incredible price! 3D Buzz is proud to offer you Houdini FastTrack, your all-in-one source for quickly getting up to speed with Houdini and ready to churn out some incredible work. This is the ONLY commercially available package that takes such an in-depth approach to making YOU proficient in Houdini, no matter your level of experience! With a grand total of over fifty hours of content, Houdini FastTrack is the first and greatest step in becoming a true Houdini master!

Included with FastTrack are seven separate training products (in-depth descriptions below):

  • Houdini Fundamentals (High-Rez Edition)
  • Houdini Fundamentals Extended*
  • Houdini Technical Director Series - Volume I
  • Houdini Technical Director Series - Volume II
  • The Bridge Asset (High-Rez Edition)
  • The Elevator Asset (High-Rez Edition)
  • Complete first release of Houdini "How Do I" Series

*Content unavailable anywhere else!