Zak Parrish

Originally an artist and aspiring graphic designer, Zak became fascinated with the world of 3D animation and visualization early in his college career.After taking an intensive 12-week course in 3D animation from his mentor Jason busby, Zak's career took a sudden shift from student to teacher, as his natural abilities of fast technical comprehension and clear and energetic explanation landed him a job teaching the very material he worked so hard to learn. As the late Chief of Operations at 3D Buzz, Inc, he was the lead Video Training developer for 3D animation, and game design. Zak has been involved in 3D animation for six years and worked as an instructor for five. Zak helped to produce many of the training videos that shipped with the retail package of Unreal Tournament 2004 Special Edition. He is also the co-author of the original Mastering Unreal: The Art of Level Design as well as Mastering Unreal Technology, Volumes I and II.

Video series featuring Zak Parrish