Jason Busby

Formerly a computer software engineer, Jason Busby began his career in teaching 3D animation eight years ago with The Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN. His unique and energetic approach to teaching gave his classes a widespread notoriety, garnering the attention of many well-known animation and effects studios, as well as a student body with members from every corner of the globe.

Through his company, 3D Buzz, Inc., Jason has been a pioneer in the world of video-based education, developing the concept of the Video Training Module (VTM), which combined a classroom-style learning experience with enthusiastic and thorough explanations, making the view feel less like they were watching a video, and more like they were participating in a class. His videos promote a level of critical thinking unique to the video training world, and his energy and personality keep the content enjoyable and engaging, even after many hours of highly technical presentation.

Video series featuring Jason Busby