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Terms of Service

All subscriptions are subject to the terms of service found on this page. By purchasing a subscription, you are agreeing to these terms.

Member Sponsorship

All subscriptions are automatically re-billed at the end of each subscription cycle. You can cancel at any time, however once a new subscription cycle has begun, that amount cannot be refunded.

Content Licensing

All training content provided by and through 3D Buzz is licensed to you; you do not own this content. You are licensed to view the content for the purposes of training and education only and for no other purpose. You are not authorized to redistribute the content in any form, either physically or digitally. Copying content for anything other than archival purposes is a breach of these terms. This does not apply to content viewed via Member Sponsorship (see below).

Stream Capturing

3D Buzz does not give license to its users to capture video streams, even for personal use. The streaming system is intended to provide access to videos only on a streaming basis from the 3D Buzz server. Users are not authorized to capture, save, “rip,” or reverse engineer the system in any way that allows them to have a local copy of the video. Capturing 3D Buzz streams may result in your account being banned or canceled. In the case of Member Sponsors, this cancellation will NOT incur a refund.

Put simply, the streaming of these videos is what keeps traffic coming to our site and keeps people subscribed as Member Sponsors. If you sign up and capture everything, even just for your own personal use, then you’ve just stolen the only thing we have that keeps us going. Please don’t do it.

Watermarked Content

Many of the products purchased from 3D Buzz include digital theft deterrent, part of which comes in the form of a visible watermark that is physically encoded into the video. This watermark includes the purchaser's name and address, and is simply used for purposes of identification in the event of illegal distribution of the content.

Video Accessibility

Many videos are available on 3D Buzz via our streaming system. This includes both free public videos and exclusive Member Sponsor content. As a general note, the streamed content will be most easily accessible to those who are using a broadband internet connection. While we do make our content indiscriminately available to anyone who visits our site, we cannot claim responsibility or any problems that arise through attempting to view our video streams through a dial-up connection.

While our videos should generally be constantly and easily accessible to anyone with a reasonably stable broadband connection, please remember that the site is based on computers. Sometimes computers can crash or fail; other times signals can become disrupted for a myriad of reasons. 3D Buzz cannot warrant against occasional server crashes, restarts, signal fluctuations, or any other factor that lies outside of our direct control. Rest assured that in the event of some problem on our end that prevents your access to our server, we will work as hard and as quickly as possible to rectify the problem and get everything back up and running smoothly.

Very occasionally, 3D Buzz may need to take its servers down for maintenance. In such events, we will endeavor to give as much advance notice as we are able and to get the servers back up as quickly as possible. We do not warrant against the loss of access to the videos during these few occasions.


You may cancel your subscription at any time by logging into the account that you used to sign up and discontinuing the recurring charge. Your sponsorship will remain active until we do not receive payment by the scheduled date.

Refunds and Returns

All sales on 3D Buzz are final. There are no refunds or returns of products purchased from 3D Buzz.