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    Exclamation 3D Buzz takes a new direction.

    *** Warning *** The following series of posts is a deep venture though my thoughts. It will not be easy. It will not be a quick read. However, I feel that those who make it all the way through this will be pleasantly rewarded. Get some coffee and get comfy.

    Greetings Everyone

    As many of you know, 3D Buzz has gone through a few changes over the past several months. I have completely shifted the lifestyles of myself and my family in order to devote my full attention to developing 3D Buzz into everything I know it can become. I would like to announce a new direction for this site and this company. For the first time, I would like to lay all of my ideas before you, the community, so that you know what I have planned for the future.

    My original dream for 3D Buzz was a simple one: I wanted to create this huge website where people would be able to get the 3D education they wanted while the software companies sponsored us. Essentially, I wanted Alias to pay for you to learn Maya, for Discreet to pay for you to learn 3ds max. The idea was for their continued support as the VTM content became more and more advanced. As this site has progressed, I’ve come to terms with the fact that this will never be. The larger percentage of the user base is not interested in forming a community. They want their videos, either to watch or just to collect, and they want to be left alone with no further obligations. This simple fact of human nature was leading to ever-increasing bandwidth bills as more and more users came to 3D Buzz to grab everything they could and run away. Every time I’ve tried to create systems where people would at least have to interact on the site just a little in order to download the hours of content that we offer, my whole team has been bombarded with some highly vicious hate mail. That doesn’t really bother me; I’ve completely accepted that the original vision for 3D Buzz, as wonderful an idea as it may have been, will simply not function in the real world.

    Also, in the past, the challenge of maintaining this site and providing its content was taken on in my free time, and in any spare time that my team could muster. In this regard, I believe the site grew as much as it was able without the undivided attention of a dedicated group of people. As many of you are already aware, I have now left my former employment in order to focus strictly on this site. I believe that this move is necessary to push 3D Buzz to its next stage of growth.

    We have always provided the finest quality of training over a large number of applications. It is no wonder that many people conceive of 3D Buzz as the haven for the 3D newbie; we provide content that is clean, clear, entertaining, non-intimidating, and created in such a way that even those who are inept at using a particular software can get up to speed and feel comfortable in their new environment. In the end, that has always been our goal, allowing those who could not otherwise access the world of 3D content creation a way into their desired industry, while providing high-quality content intended to keep them challenged an engaged.

    None of this is going to change. In fact, you could say that I’m going to fight harder than ever to maintain that ideal. The only thing that will change is where I take the community from that point. You see, 3D Buzz has always been the launch pad from which aspiring newcomers can learn 3D applications, making them ready to go out and seek higher end tutorials and to master the skills to which we had introduced them. I want to expand upon this. I want to increase the knowledge base and spread the influence of 3D Buzz as a center of learning.

    The site has been changing, and I have many more changes in store for you all. The changes will come in two primary directions: drastic changes to the website itself, and a shift in the central nature of what we do and how we teach the world. Before I go any further with this, however, I want you all to know that 3D Buzz is not becoming a “pay site”. Since that single statement is going to have such a complete impact on the mindset of the community, I’ll repeat it to make sure you all understand: 3D Buzz is not becoming a pay site.

    Firstly, look for the website to become much more simplified. We will provide fast access to exactly what you want to see in lieu of bombarding the user with a large number of features that are rarely ever used. We will be performing a visual and functional streamlining of I want it to be easier for people to get to what they need, be they complete rookies or professionals. In the end, I want the site to focus on its two strongest points: the forum system and the download system. We will be updating to the most recent version of VBulletin, and we are working to make a version of the site that is easily accessible to those who want to view it from handheld computers, PDAs, and cellular phones.

    Also, we will still provide hours and hours of free training content over today’s hottest artistic applications. Our current archive will stand for those who need an introduction to particular software, and new videos will be added to supplant those that become obsolete. Once we clear out some of our prior obligations, we will also be providing each of you with regular Video Tips in our newsletter. All of this training will remain free, and will be geared toward teaching new skills and techniques to the beginner and intermediate user.

    However, I also plan to expand the level of educational material from the site. I want to cover high-end, specialized techniques over multiple applications. I want to explore up-to-date methods used in all of the 3D industries, from film to games to visualization and even web design. Most of all, I want to change 3D Buzz from a place where you can simply begin your education to a place where you can advance and learn, no matter your level of experience.

    Understand, however, that not all of this new content can be free to the public. 3D Buzz has now become the sole way for me to support my family. It is my only source of income, and it is time for it to become a successful company. I have many things that I want to teach the community, but I cannot logically afford to continue to give absolutely everything away. Don’t worry, though, you’ll still find that our content will not only cover the topics you want to learn, it will be enjoyable, easy to understand, and competitively priced.

    One of the biggest upcoming changes to 3D Buzz will come with the launch of BuzzNet and the Online Classes that will take place on it. For more information on the future of BuzzNet, along with its upcoming features and the upcoming classes that will be available within it, please continue on to the reply below.

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    In light of the many changes that have taken place on 3D Buzz, I have come to realize that there are many things I would like to introduce to the community that are not entirely possible strictly via a website. As such, I would like to announce the upcoming launch of a revolutionary way to experience 3D Buzz, BuzzNet. BuzzNet is a Windows-based application that has been designed from the ground up to facilitate real-time communication among the members of the 3D Buzz community. It will provide new levels of functionality for the online 3D enthusiast and provide specialized tools and services intended to help in 3D production not only for single users, but also to small production studios. Most importantly, however, BuzzNet will serve as a work desk for a new generation of advanced online 3D education.

    The BuzzNet application will be comprised of multiple services; each service specialized to bring you different types of functionality and all working in conjunction to change the way you look at Web-based learning environments in the future. Below is a list of the upcoming features and services of BuzzNet, as well as some details about what to expect when using these services.

    Online Class System – Have you ever wanted to take a high end 3D class at a training facility and been unable, either due to finances or the inability to relocate for an extended period of time? The BuzzNet application will serve as the basis for 3D Buzz’s new Online Class system, which will provide a revolutionary new way to experience education across the Web, while interacting with classmates and receiving personalized video feedback from the instructors! For more information on the new Online Class System, how it works, and how you can get in on a special introductory offer for our first Online Class, see the post below!

    Online Chat System – Perhaps the simplest service available within BuzzNet is the Chat System. This service provides an IRC-style environment wherein users can speak to one another in a main chat room, create other rooms, and page other users to have private conversations. The chat includes text formatting, as well as code formatting for placing programming script into the chat window to share with others.

    Chat Search - Ever had an interesting conversation with someone, perhaps about a specific training topic or technique, only to forget it and later have to try to remember? With the new Chat Search service, you’ll never have to do that again! All you need to remember is the approximate date that the conversation took place, and some of the key words used. For example, let’s say that someone gives you an awesome tip on how to control particles in Maya using Lattices. Much later, you forget what was said, and can’t get it to work. You can log back into BuzzNet, punch in the approximate date, and enter some words such as “particles”, and perhaps the user to whom you were chatting. You’ll instantly have access to the conversation, and you can specify the duration of the conversation you want to monitor. This service will allow you to have access to every conversation you have on BuzzNet!

    Webcam Service – Have you ever wondered what kind of antics go on at the 3D Buzz HQ? Who not have a look? One of the integrated services of BuzzNet is the Webcam system, which allows you access to several monitoring stations within our offices! This service allows you to monitor up to three separate cameras simultaneously, while setting one camera to update every 5 seconds. Right now, the list of operational cameras includes the following:

    • Buzz Cam – Take a look at what the 3D Buzz Commander-In-Chief is up to!
    • Zak Cam – Now you have a chance to stare at Zak as much as he stares at himself!
    • Angela Cam – Say hello the person who really keeps 3D Buzz going!
    • Fish Cam – Take a glance into Buzz’s beautiful 300 gallon coral reef tank!
    • Predator Cam – Check out some very aggressive fish and eels… if you dare!
    • Office Cam – Monitor what’s going on in the office while we work!

    Radio News Post Service – 3D Buzz has been regularly releasing a daily Radio News Post, available exclusively to BuzzNet users! This post covers up-to-date news in the 3D industries, as well as current events across the globe, and as what’s going in the 3D Buzz Headquarters! The shows are very informative and entertaining, and have been receiving rave reviews from our testers! Also, as part of this service, you have the ability to post news stories for us to report, as well as questions about any topic you desire! Selected stories and questions will be highlighted in the application, and will be addressed on that night’s show! Right now, these shows are prerecorded, and then sent to all of the users through our Automated Media Delivery System. In the future, we will set the system up so that users will be able to listen to these shows live!

    Automated Media Delivery System – This service provides us a way to send new content directly to your computer as soon as it is completed. For example, once we upload a new video or News Post, BuzzNet will send you a pop-up message that will inform you that it is available, and give you the option to commence the download. As soon as the file is completed, you’ll be able to play it right inside of BuzzNet! This means that you’ll no longer have to wonder about 3D Buzz’s most recent releases!

    Work-In-Progress/Gallery Service – BuzzNet will change how you look at Member Works-In-Progress by providing you with instant access to thumbnail collections, comments, and live discussions with the artist concerning their work, as well as Galleries where artists can showcase their works once completed! This service will revolutionize how you get feedback for your works, how you share your opinions with others, and how you get your work noticed by the 3D community in a way that has never been seen before! Occasionally, the 3D Buzz Crew showcase some of the more impressive works-in-progress that are posted!

    Community Event Calendar Service – While in BuzzNet, you will be able to see upcoming events in the 3D world, as well as keep track of important dates with our Community Calendar. For example, if you were using the new Gallery service to hold an open exhibition of your works, you could post it on the Community Calendar for all to see. The service will also allow you to post your own dates, keeping them public or private, meaning you can use it to keep track of dates, appointments, or other events that are only important to you!

    Online Project Management Service – Have you ever tried to organize a group of people trying to accomplish a single goal, be it a game mod, a television commercial, or any other project requiring the cooperation of an entire team? The networking alone can become a nightmare to manage. With the Online Project Management service, you will be able to create a project, specify team members, assign tasks to team members, and keep up with the progress of the project as a whole. If you like, you could even create a project with yourself as the sole team member, allowing you to organize your project and monitor your own progress throughout the entire process of completion! Best of all, you can receive graphical feedback on the total progress of the project, as well as reminders of when certain parts of the project require completion! This service will provide you a way to organize ANY project, be it a full-scale production or a simple term paper for your college or high school!

    Net Rendering Service – Do you need to render your current 3D project across multiple machines while receiving detailed feedback on the progress of each station? Do you simply need more information from your single machine concerning the total progress of your render? Would you like the ability to start a render project and then walk away, monitoring and controlling your render job from remote access stations, such as Internet cafes? This service will provide you a way to handle all of these tasks by using special client-based applications to control rendering across any number of computers. The service will automatically tie into a central secure webpage, through which you can monitor your render progress, keep track of errors or crashes, as well as reboot a machine or restart a render. It will also automatically notify you if you if a computer stops responding, using either email or text messaging to your cell phone! The Net Rendering service will be setup in such a way that it will work either across the Web or simply through a LAN. Right now, the service is intended to work only with Alias Maya, with support for Softimage XSI and Discreet 3ds max coming in the future!

    Virtual Online Assistant – One of the central services that will be tied into many of BuzzNet’s features is the Virtual Online Assistant, currently codenamed Vona. Basically, this service will perform multiple tasks in the system, including, but certainly not limited to the following:
    • Storing contact information, such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses
    • Reminding you of upcoming events from the Buzz Crew, as well as events you specify in your Community Event Calendar.
    • Alerting you to new releases from the Automated Media Delivery System.
    • Sending messages from the Net Renderer.
    • Keeping you up to date concerning tasks specified in the Online Project Management Service.
    • Automatically monitoring the forums by searching for specific keywords and alerting you when they’re found.
    • Handling all pages from other members, while offering you the choice of accepting incoming pages or not.
    • Allowing users to leave you voice or text messages when you’re away from BuzzNet or busy, and managing your access of these messages.
    • Alerting you of incoming Feedback within the Online Classes.
    • Basically, Vona is here to help you work smarter, not harder. She’s a way to keep you up to date on the things you want to know about, as well as serving as the central message deliverer for the BuzzNet system.

    Skype Integration – One thing that we will be working to implement into BuzzNet is full integration with Skype, the online telephony system. This will allow users who have already installed Skype on their computers to call each other from within BuzzNet, without having to switch over to the Skype application! Finally, there will be a way to easily communicate with other members of 3D Buzz while actually hearing their voice!

    Many of these services are already in place with more being implemented daily. Most will be available when BuzzNet is ready for public launch. We are currently in the alpha testing phase of the application, using only a very limited number of testers including our Member Sponsors. We are currently looking at entering the beta testing phase in late February, with a full public launch weeks later. However, as with any application development process, these dates are subject to change at any given moment. We’ll keep you posted. For news concerning BuzzNet, and reports from the testers, keep an eye on the forums, including the BuzzNet – Interactive Online Environment forum.

    We are designing BuzzNet so that it will become a revolutionary new way that you interact with 3D Buzz. It will provide you with access to the Forum system at, along with direct access to our download system. We hope that users will find it to be a fast, simple, and efficient way to get the information they need, and to have a sharp, streamlined environment from which to learn. Of course, we will not be abandoning the actual website. As mentioned above, we will be doing some pretty heavy cleaning of it in the upcoming months. BuzzNet will optional, and things will still be “business as usual” on

    Currently, access to BuzzNet is very limited. We are not currently accepting requests for access, so please don’t start bombarding us with emails or PMs trying to get in. If, however, you simply can’t wait to get in and see our progress, you may sign up for Member Sponsorship, as all of our Member Sponsors are given automatic alpha/beta testing privileges.

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    Buzz Announces New Online Class, and Special Promotion!

    3D Buzz is proud to announce that BuzzNet will serve as the launch pad for our first fully interactive online class! One of the primary functions of the BuzzNet application is to provide a way for the users to experience our new Online Class system, which will completely revolutionize the idea of education over the web. I’d like to begin by giving you an overview of how these online classes will work, followed by an official announcement of our first Online Class over Maya Fundamentals!

    The Online Class system is an integrated service within BuzzNet that is comprised of several specific elements that will work in concert to bring you an educational experience unlike anything you’ve seen before, and is certain to change the way the world looks at distance-based education in the future! The system itself is quite vast, and each element covers a different aspect to the class as a whole. Below is a breakdown of each element, and a description of the innovative nature of each one.

    The Classroom – This is the center of the Online Class experience. Each Classroom holds up to eight students. However, this does not mean that entry into the Online Classes is limited to only this many students. Each time an Online Class is held, the system will generate multiple Classrooms to accommodate the student load. While in the Classroom, you will have access to the Classroom Chat, a private chat room in which you will be able to speak to the other students in your Classroom. Also, you will have access to the Global Chat, which acts as a sort of “common room” where all students of the current Online Class can meet.

    One of the requirements of entering any of the Online Classes is that you provide us with a full headshot photo, as well as an MP3 or WAV audio file that introduces yourself, and describes your ambitions and why you are in this class. This is required in order to make certain that the Online Class is taking place in an environment that matches a professional, real-world classroom as closely as possible. While inside the Classroom, you will be able to see the photos of your classmates, listen to their introductions, and receive visual feedback when they are present in the room or away.

    The Classroom will contain the following sections:

    Today’s Messages – This will be a daily message from the 3D Buzz Crew. It will usually consist of some kind of greeting, and may be accompanied by some points of interest, answers to questions from certain students, or really anything at all. The intention of this is for it to eventually be live, but at first all messages will be prerecorded. The idea is that you will hear new messages from us every day, giving you a more authentic classroom experience.

    Course Lessons – This area will provide you with links to the VTM videos. However, the videos will not be available to you for download. As many of you know, 3D Buzz has recently launched an anti-piracy initiative in order to help protect you from any sort of identity theft, as well as to protect your investment in these videos and to keep our prices down. As the basis for this anti-piracy system, each VTM set for a specific class will be watermarked with your personal information as a very faint overlay on the video. The videos will then be mailed to you on a CD to be loaded onto your computer. Once you receive the videos and enter the Classroom, BuzzNet will ask you for the location of the videos on your machine. The Course Lessons section will then link to the videos, allowing you to watch them without ever having to leave BuzzNet.

    Assignments – This section will give you access to the assignments for each class. Each assignment will engineered to push you into using the provided content, as well as to apply it in situations beyond the courseware. Assignments will be handled in a unique manner when compared to other online classes you may have experienced. Once you submit an assignment, your instructors (that’s us) will review it and send you a personalized video review, critiquing your results and giving you suggestions for improvement. These critiques will be available in the Feedback section, outlined below. Best of all, you will be guaranteed a response within 48 hours, or you will get to take your next online class absolutely free! We’re serious about making this into a professional, true-to-the-real-thing classroom environment, and we will be dedicating a rather significant portion of our time to making it a screaming success.

    Speed Trials – One of my favorite things to do to students is to try to put them under the pressure of a real-world production environment where the deadlines are tight and time is money. I will also be bringing this into the Online Classes through the Speed Trial system. Essentially, it will work as a stopwatch-timed test of a specific action within an application. For example, you could be asked to rig a character’s leg with a reverse foot rig in less than 2 minutes. The Speed Trial will be broken into two segments, the practice trial and the final test. The practice trial can be taken as many times as you like. The system will keep track of your best time, and will post it for others to see. The final test, however, will be a task that is directly related to what you’ve been practicing, but will be slightly different in order to make sure that your speed is based on knowledge, not on memorization. The best part is that you can only take the final speed trial once. You get one shot at the final, pass or fail. A failure will not affect your completion of the class, though participation in the final Speed Trial test is required. This will be a great way for you to test your skills while putting a little pressure on yourself to be fast, accurate, and efficient!

    Questions and Answers - You will have the ability to post questions to the instructors. These questions can come in the form of text or audio files, and can optionally include any files that you may have been working on and might need help. Responses to these questions will come from your instructors at 3D Buzz as either audio files or videos. The only exception to this rule is if a student asks a question that has already been asked, in which case we will provide you with a pointer to the previously asked question, rather than recording multiple responses over the exact same topic. Responses to your questions are also covered by our 48-hour guarantee, meaning that if we don’t get a response back to you in two days, your next class is free! Lastly, and possibly most importantly, you will have access to all questions previously asked by all past and current students of the class! You will be able to search through these answers, perhaps finding your video answer instantly rather than having to wait for a teacher’s response!

    Feedback – This will be the location for all of the feedback given to you from your instructors, as well as your classmates. You will have access to all video or audio responses, as well as the ability to give feedback to your peers. You will be able to see who is getting the most positive feedback, as well as see their work. You will also be able to use the Feedback section to get an idea of what we’re looking for when we make an assignment, so that you have a basis from which to gauge your own work!

    File Center – This is where you will be able to send and receive files to and from your peers. Let’s face it, sometimes you simply can’t explain the problem unless the person you’re talking too is looking at the same thing you are! Using this system, you will be able to send and share scene files with your classmates, as well as send and receive files from the instructors!

    There are a few other things aside from these elements of which you must also be aware. These are some simple guidelines and focus points for the class, all of which are outlined below.

    • Upon completion of an Online Course, you will receive an official 3D Buzz Certificate, signed by the instructors.
    • These classes are very intensive! They will be set up so that they can be completed at your own pace but will require you to be dedicated to the purpose at hand, and willing to work to get the job done! These classes are for serious students only! They are also designed to give you the same type of experience that you would receive if you paid thousands of dollars and went to a training facility, all without having to leave your home.
    • Enrollment and registration for these classes will be announced in advance, and WILL BE LIMITED! The idea is to keep the classes relatively small so that we can afford to give you individual attention. Slots will be provided on a first come, first served basis.
    • The class will be at your own pace, though this does not mean that you can take as long as you like. You will only be given two months to finish the class. In most cases, each Online Class will consist of approximately one week of lecture and assignments, meaning that you should have plenty of time to finish. If, however, you do not complete all parts of the class before the deadline, you will not be considered to have completed the course, and will not receive a certificate until you retake the class. Any such retakes will not be offered at a discount.
    • The 48-hour guarantee for responses means that you will have to keep your questions related to the material at hand. We are not a consultant firm, and will not be available to offer help on personal projects or concerns outside the scope of the class.
    • Aside from the upcoming promotion, there are currently no discounts available to take the class, though Member Sponsors who have been with us since before a certain date will be offered to take the class at a special cost, in thanks for their long-standing dedication. These people already know who they are; if you’re not sure if you’re included, you probably aren’t.

    These classes will completely revolutionize the way the world looks at online education! I am very excited about the upcoming launch of our first class, and am highly interested to see the effects of this new Online Class system on the Internet training community.

    That said, I’d like to also take this opportunity to announce the very first class for the BuzzNet Online Class system, the Maya Fundamentals class!

    This class will introduce the beginner and intermediate user to the world of Maya, while offering an insight into the program that is not typically found, even among professionals in the industry! Ever wanted to know what it REALLY looks like under Maya’s hood? We’re going to show you! Rather than simply show you the basics and leave it at that, we’re going to take you on a guided tour of Maya’s fundamental architecture while we teach you how you can use the program to bring your visions to life! Once you finish this class, you will know more about how Maya really works than many of the people who use it professionally!

    The Class will include three full-length projects, from blank viewport to final render! We will be covering virtually all aspects of the application, including modeling with polygons, NURBS, and Subdivision Surfaces, texturing, lighting, rendering, dynamics, expressions, MEL scripting, and much more! The class will also provide smaller assignments designed to make sure that you understand each aspect of the courseware, all the while offering you a level of personal attention that is virtually unheard of in the world of online education!

    Most importantly, this class will give you a deep understanding of how Maya handles information through the use of nodes and connections! In this way, you will be introduced to a new level of flexibility that sets Maya apart in the world of 3D applications!

    This class will not be free. The cost for this introductory-level class will be $199.95 USD. However, we will be offering this first session of the Maya Fundamentals Online Class at a special promotional price! For this session of the class only, you will be able to get in and take the class for just $149.95 USD! This is a very limited offer! You can get in and be a part of this monumental event in the history of online education at 25% off the regular price! Again, this is a one-time only offer, so be ready!

    We have not yet started taking registrations for the class, and while we are still working out the registration timeframe details, here is what we currently have in mind. Registration for a class will be announced approximately four weeks before the class begins. A week after the announcement, we will begin the one-week registration period. The class will then begin two weeks after the end of the registration period, providing us with enough time for the VTMs to be mailed to each student. On that note, I should mention that you should be prepared for shipping to cost a bit more than it has in the past for orders from our Store. We are currently investigating several shipping solutions, and are looking for a fast, efficient, and guaranteed way to get our content across the globe.

    We are currently looking for a launch date of late February to early March. This is, of course, tentative depending on the state of production as we complete the BuzzNet application. The date could be changed by a few days or even a few weeks. We’ll keep you informed.

    I’m incredibly excited about the launch of this class. With each passing day, we are generating more and more content for it in preparation for its launch. I can personally guarantee you that you cannot receive this level of instruction anywhere, online or physically.

    That about wraps up this series of posts. As you can see we’ve got some seriously cool things in store for the near future. I think that some thanks and some sincere congratulations are in order to those of you who made it all the way through this post. I know it wasn’t easy.

    I look forward to teaching you all in the future!


    Jason “BuZZ” Busby
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    Incredible Buzz, simply incredible.

    This is a very exciting time for me, and I'm behind you all the way!

    This should also be an exciting time for the community. I can't wait to see what people have to say.



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    Good luck Buzz I’m sure you will succeed in the new direction you are going and we are all behind you 110%

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    Sounds awesome, can't wait to see how this develops.

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    Thanks for the update Jason, cant wait to see how it all pans out!

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    yea man sounds awsome. You're charging too little!! training like this should go for at least $500
    but yea awsome news!

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    Congrats on your new direction.. I know you will make it work, all of you there..........

    **Just WOW**
    Max Fundementals Student..


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    Animation Mentor, "new radical online training", yep and it costs quite a bit. A few thousand....
    BuZZ online classes, Introductory $199. Very Very reasonable.

    BuZZ this communtiy suports you no matter what, we all understand the reality of what this stie has become. The are some excellent part of teh site, and some bad points that are hard accept sometimes.

    One bad point that still bothers me is the amount of non-acive users. Snatch n Grab or just collect. It would drive me nuts if i had a site like this, you are coping alot better than i am.

    BuZZ most active and non-active users here know you are doing you best to give back to the community, and you know what, you are. This was the first place i came to when i was interested in 3D. I have been here for almost 3 years.

    I have learnt alot from this place.

    I like that your gonna be doing more advanced stuff, thanks to you im alot more advanced in 3d. Your Maya videos are excellent, and even though there are on Introductory level they are very informative and got me into good workflows that would be harder to alter in the future. (And teh 3d world videos, woah, alot of great stuff in those

    Always listening to you on the radio about how you loved to teach the really advanced stuff at the Ren Center, i always understood reason why you couldnt do it now.

    People on Maya VTM 2 then all of a sudden there is an advanced VTM that only a handful understand etc.

    But back on the good news, tis is amazing, all these fetures, someone has been busy coding. I wonder who has no fingerprints anymore .
    And net rendering service, woah i think ill have to send you my 800,000 maya poly scene now, i want it raytyraced with dirtmap shader applied with at least 60 samples .
    Course sound great, they really do, speed trials, oh no .

    There are a whole bunch of other things i can mention, (Completed Galleries yay does that have a best of completed galleries, ie cgtalk?) but if i did my post would be as long as yours.

    I am supporting you decision 100%, i think you have found a way to support your family, without making 3d buzz a pay site. I never had the opportunity to come to the Ren Center and be taught by you, Zak, forrest etc. But this will make it easy for everyone at a really affordable price.

    Thanks for everything buZZ, not much mre to say other than cant wait.


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    insert witty comment here

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