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    Bit of info on a profession

    I'm really considering to work in the field of professional video game level design, and i'd like to look into it. I was wondering;

    What skills are needed? (transferrable, technical, personal, physical, mental, teamwork, etc.)

    What college/university courses would I take?

    What colleges/universities offer this?
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    I would say all skills would be needed. To me a person with many skills would be a great asset.
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    I think that most employers look for talent & experience over qualifications. That's not to say that schooling is unimportant but there's an over-abundance of muppets that can only do something if they're given 3 weeks & some "free" time.

    Everything that you do is a skill you just need to know how to sell them. I'd maybe download some mods, maps of different games & look at how they're built & have a go yourself. There's editors for nearly every game out there. A finished playable level will be much more impressive than a piece of paper.

    I'm sure that you're not interested but here's a bit about my jobs....
    In no particular order I've worked as a cabinet maker, screen printer, shelf filler, clothes press operator, graphics editor for a newspaper & now 3d modeler. I don't get paid as much as some people in 3d but I get more than the many graduates that work in supermarkets & record stores, I never had a loan untill I got a mortgage & it's still the only one & I left school with 9 gcse's...2 C's in english, 2 C's in science & the rest from D to G.
    I decided at 23 to change career from cabinet maker to working in 3d. I couldn't afford to go back to uni & I only had limited 3d experience, didn't even own a computer. The only thing that I had was my skills. I could buy a PC, buy software & learn 3d at home but I needed experience, sooooo

    I got a job at a screen printers, skills needed where machine experience & eye for detail. Worked there for a year before helping out in the design room, worked there another year before getting a job at a newspaper. I sold myself as having experience with computers, design skills etc. worked there for a couple of years scanning photos, doing artwork & eventually running the graphics department. Then did some freelance for an architectural visualisation company.......after a few months got taken on full time...still here.

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    Hey ya buddy!
    It is good to see that you are interested in Gaming Creation and 3d.

    Firstly, be aware that it is a competitive environment and that quite often you need to know a lot about the applications you are using. You also may not get paid very well to start - Even as you progress, the pay can be average so you need a passion to do this sort of work.

    What I would do is check out if there are any local game producers in your area and have a talk to them. Just send them an email introducing yourself and ask if you can go and have a look at what they are doing. Doing this, you are making contacts and you can find out what area you find interesting.

    As stephenbjorck has said... experience is supreme! So before you go out and enrol in a University and spend 3 years getting a degree, be aware that TALENT in your area will get you a job. Not qualifications (trust me on this one - I am one qual short of a Doctorate and employers dont care, they are more interested in my portfolio.) Ha ha!

    GOOD LUCK and if you decide to go for it, I am sure you will find it rewarding.
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