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    Question Visual Studio .NET 2004

    Hi everyone!

    I saw someone today selling what they said was .NET 2004. Is that for real? I was wondering why I never heard of that. I thought .NET 2003 was the newest version (other than the 2005 express edition).. Anyway, I have 2003 and was wondering if I'm getting outdated.. Or maybe their version is fake (pirated, modified, or whatever)?

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    visual studio .net 2004? i don't think so. my university is in the msdn academic alliance and i think i would know if there was a 2004-version.

    where did you see this, anyway?

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    Come one it is the computer industry you are out of date somewere, but not in the IDE department 2005 is the latest iteration of Visual Studio. It has yet to be released so 2003 is the newest next to that.
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    VS2005 is just Beta version so i think that 2004 is VS Architect end only the diferent part thet 2004 has that 2003 has not is UML vith VISIO I think so...

    Sorry for my bad english

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