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    Hey sgilbert,

    This looks really cool.

    I have been playing Sid Mier's Pirates lately, so this is perfect timeing

    Check the link in my signature to DOMEGI. It is a super easy to use rendering script for Maya.

    It will enable you to get beautiful GI renders with just a couple of clicks and few mouse tweeks.

    I'd love to see it better as the dark back ground makes it hard to see.

    Happy to be in the Maya Fundementals Class. Worth the wait, the effort, and more than worth the money. I've done a lot of VTMs; here and outside of 3dBuzz. I can say without a doubt that these VTMs are the best that I've seen. Great Job Guys, and Thank You!

    Click here to check out DomeGI. Global Illumination for Maya made easy

    A MOD Team I am on.

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    That looks REALLY good. I like the way you have realistic looking rigging and stuff. Well done.
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