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    Window Not showing up in Windows display on left side in panel

    ok I am attaching a screen shot of it. Basically i figured out how to start a channel probebly now big accomplishment but i noticed that one of them did not show up in the window display. First i thought becuase it was becuase it was user made and not admin made. Then enygma made one and i opened it and it showed up. So I though maybe it is because no one joined and typed anything so benwatt joined and typed something still no register in the window thing. That can leave only two options in my mind at least because i made it i dont get to see it in the windows dialog which i dont think should happen because what if it is full screen and you are in another channel you will never know if someone says anything. Second there is already a room named linux that i dont have permission to see it. I dont think this is true becaus others can see that room in there channel list under the window dialog. I hope this is understandable.
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