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    Question Learning C++ Home study vs College? Do Companies really care?

    I am looking to start C++ in college. Im looking to get certified in it.
    I have went through the 1st issue of 3d buzz video set. Also went through another 4 videos of another set and im understanding C++ basics pretty good. I plan on getting me a good book to study out of to get better. Here is the question.
    What does everyone think from learning at Home study vs going to College and getting certified or a degree of some sort.
    Do Companies that hire really look at all that alot?
    If you can prove your self with a good resume. Also showing something you have programmed on cd or website or something.
    Just wondering what everyone thinks?
    I have been putting in 2 to 4 hrs a day. 7 days a week. On getting down the basics of C++
    Im looking to get into game programming is my goal.
    Let me know something? Thanks,Chris^_^
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    most likely yes. Every game company that i have looked at the jobs has required 4-6 years + c++ experience(generally) and a BS in computer science or mathematics. Even companies like mysql and other big software developers require this, so i would say you would have to go to college to be considered even for alot of positions in a company similar to any of these

    of course studying it on your own at home is great, but you need a degree to prove it to people that are going to hire you

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    Try the Open University

    Thats how I'm getting my degree in computer programming.

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    It all depends if you make microsoft word on your own with no formal training then that is probably good enough for you to get hired without a college degree. Most place however when they get your resume look at it for a Degree if you have one then they keep it a little longer then non-degree people.
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