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    3D animation History

    Mornin' All

    Can anybody tell me where the idea of computer animation with
    " bones" inside a "skin" came from.

    It's certainly been around for at least 5 years that I know off and I'm purely a hobbist

    The "bones" inside a "skin" is of course , just a method of visualising or interfacing with the process thats really going on, as bones really only exist at their "joints"
    but who first used it or provided as a complete system.


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    I'm pretty sure Softimage3D was the first application with IK, but I'm not sure if it was the first with bones.
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    I remember using 'Bones Pro' an IPAS plug-in for 3D Studio DOS. Not sure how old that would make it - but that was more than 5 years ago. Did use other apps at that time so I'm not sure when bones were introduced in them.

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    Had to be before 98... that's around the time Caligari started getting in on the bones... I can't remember if ts 3 and before had bones...
    regardless, I think Max had it before Caligari because Caligari has a tendency to be a copycat when it comes to new technology...

    diddley doo diddley doo...

    the way back machine is telling me that it goes back further than 1995... since mocap existed back then, and bvh and similar formats like that are based on bones...

    diddley doo... even further back...
    in 1990 vicon was still around in the early days...

    I'm not exactly sure where along the way that bvh format and similar came in to being but I think the first itteration of direct x had animated .x files...

    If you want more historical data... the whole motion capture thing can probably even be traced back to muybridge... way back in the 1870s !

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