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    Plugin for exporting to Unreal Tournment (not static meshes)

    First I know this belongs to the Unreal Tournment section but since no one goes there I thought I would try here.

    Looking for a Maya plugin to export a format that I can use in UnrealEd for the original Unreal Tournment. I wish to make some complex brushes for a map and it is easier if I use Maya.

    I do have 1 method but I have to go through a few steps with a second program and that is a pain.


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    As long as you are using a commercial version of Maya ( meaning not the PLE), you can use ActorX. It will export brushes (.t3d files). You will have to use a version other than the latest version, however, as they have removed the feature from the newest version. The command for to bring up the brush export window is axbrush.

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