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    Best book for c++ or video to get me past the basics?

    I have worked all the way through 3d buzz 1st video set.

    I want to buy more of the 3d buzz videos when i get the money.

    What i got out of the videos was this,

    1. How to do Variables and Data Types

    2. Operators

    3. Control Statements and Branching

    4. Control Statements and Looping

    5. Introduction to Arrays

    I have also been getting c++ videos from

    Gavin is making good videos there for free to download.

    I am about to finish working through all his videos.What i got from these videos are

    1. Classes

    2. Conditional statements such as if statements and switches also arrays

    Why i wrote all that is tell people where my level of c++ is at.

    When helping me choose a good intro book,or just a good book in general

    I was told this book is good Thinking in C++

    Im looking to get into 3d game programming C++ in game engines and just 3d game programming in general after i get the basics down. Also would not mind looking into visual c++ a little while im at it.

    Why i need a good book or video set to help me out.

    Ive looked at sites how to make basic puzzle games and other simples games.

    I just need something to help me get down the rest of the basics to get me to the next level. Here is a example of the game sites i have looked at.

    After reading what all i have done on videos.
    What books or videos do you think i need to do to push me onto the next level.

    Let me know something,Thanks,Chris^_^
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    i would suggest if you have $150 dollars to spend for great training i would buy the c++ videos from 3dbuzz
    they teach you c++ from the beginning and also teach you how to make an console game then they teach you how to make that console game graphical and make a level editor for the game

    they really rock

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    Re: Best book for c++ or video to get me past the basics?

    Originally posted by chinese_lover
    I was told this book is good Thinking in C++
    As far as I remember, Thinking in C++ was free for download. (Legally! ) Has this changed?
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    No, it hasn't changed:

    Thinking In C++ Homepage and Download

    --- AndiW

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    117 has some video tutorials

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