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    Quote Originally Posted by Ti22
    IMO the VTMs are priceless.

    They are the best way to get started on C++ and Game Programming. This is the fastest way to go through C++'s basics and actually using the knowledge to do something meaningful,

    in books they'll let you do simple examples like cats and dogs, and small console programs that don't really mean anything.

    These VTMS let you actually get your hands dirty on C++ and it actually teaches you how powerfull C++ can really be. When you start getting into more complex concepts like friends, templates n stuff Joel slowly guides you towards them and introduces them to you when he needs it in the game.

    This is how C++ should be taught. Buzz, Joel and Dan are the best C++ teachers i have.
    Not all people can learn from just one source, Im sure that the VTM's are great when you get the basics some what but these are consepts that I need learn at a much slower pace than what the VTM's provide.

    I've understood most of the things they teach in the first two Issues (the things I didnt get I just went online and learned them there), but when I reached the 3rd issue, a lot of the stuff they try to explain when they use it I can't understand and then they assume that you know it from there on. And they even use some words that they never explained what they meant, such as instancing (which I get now thanks to an online tutorial at Cplusplus and a member (I forgot who) here at 3dbuzz).

    Im not trying to say that the VTM's are bad but they just are a bit to fast for me, maybe not for other people but for me they are. I still learned a lot from the VTM's that will help me understand C++ more but like I said, they are a bit too fast for me and don't explain some things that throw me off. Once I understand the basics of C++ more I probably can come back to the VTM's and understand it better, and then get my hands dirty.
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