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    Quote Originally Posted by Ti22
    IMO the VTMs are priceless.

    They are the best way to get started on C++ and Game Programming. This is the fastest way to go through C++'s basics and actually using the knowledge to do something meaningful,

    in books they'll let you do simple examples like cats and dogs, and small console programs that don't really mean anything.

    These VTMS let you actually get your hands dirty on C++ and it actually teaches you how powerfull C++ can really be. When you start getting into more complex concepts like friends, templates n stuff Joel slowly guides you towards them and introduces them to you when he needs it in the game.

    This is how C++ should be taught. Buzz, Joel and Dan are the best C++ teachers i have.
    Not all people can learn from just one source, Im sure that the VTM's are great when you get the basics some what but these are consepts that I need learn at a much slower pace than what the VTM's provide.

    I've understood most of the things they teach in the first two Issues (the things I didnt get I just went online and learned them there), but when I reached the 3rd issue, a lot of the stuff they try to explain when they use it I can't understand and then they assume that you know it from there on. And they even use some words that they never explained what they meant, such as instancing (which I get now thanks to an online tutorial at Cplusplus and a member (I forgot who) here at 3dbuzz).

    Im not trying to say that the VTM's are bad but they just are a bit to fast for me, maybe not for other people but for me they are. I still learned a lot from the VTM's that will help me understand C++ more but like I said, they are a bit too fast for me and don't explain some things that throw me off. Once I understand the basics of C++ more I probably can come back to the VTM's and understand it better, and then get my hands dirty.
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    The VTMs are great and wonderful, but if you've never programmed before or you just don't make the connections that quickly, I can easily see how someone would get lost fast in the VTMs. The thing I love most about the VTMs can also be a detriment to beginners: they are very fast page. In three modules you go from "what is C++" to "Evil Monkeys". The 3rd set of VTMs are especially true of this. Joel is jumping around everywhere. Fortunately, I've been programming for many years and am already comfortable with software architecture and C++ so I didn't have any problems with him jumping around, but if you're new there are many pieces of the puzzle shown to you at once. Not only do you need to fully understand the difference between headers and source files, you're probably learning a new IDE as well as MANY different C++ concepts. Pointers alone can be a real headache for someone that is just beginning to program.

    Moral of the story: watch the VTMS AND read a decent C++ book.

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    After finishing up vtm#3, I have to say, the tutorials are very-well put together and give plenty of information for anyone with little or no knowledge of C or C++. I found Beginning C++ Game Programming to be a helpful reference while watching the vtms. It might even be a good idea to package the book with the tutorials, as it gives a good introduction to the STL, classes, and handling memory. Before doing an OpenGL tutorial, it would be great if you followed this one up with a more detailed vtm on the design process of the game. I know each vtm starts with an overview of the game design, but it would be interesting to see how you built the foundation for evilMonkeys before the coding ever started. Thanks for a great series of vtms.

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    Exclamation The C++ VTMs

    hi all I cant wait to be able to download these as i would learn a lot from them! but!! i cannot get to download thease VTMs because it says i need a star heh but i need to keep an eye out how to get one to beable to download them! i cant wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by dacrow
    hi all I cant wait to be able to download these as i would learn a lot from them! but!! i cannot get to download thease VTMs because it says i need a star heh but i need to keep an eye out how to get one to beable to download them! i cant wait
    The star system is dead and need to become a member sponsor to download the vtms (at a cost of $35 a month)

    Or you can buy the Vtms in the shop for $150. These are CD's that are mailed to you

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    Well, I just got the VTMs yesterday, and after going through the intro VTM and starting the Intermediate techniques VTMs, I can say that these are MOST DEFINITELY worth the money! I go from zero knowledge to being able to do input, output, I have a firm grasp over variables, operators, data types and I can effectively use control statements, and I'm only 14! That's how good these VTMs are!

    So if anyone has any doubt, don't even think twice, buy these VTMs if you're serious and enthusiastic about learning C++!

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    I just ordered them (including OpenGL) Can't wait!!
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    I've been slowly going through them, and am currently on VTM3. I have to say, these are well worth the money! 1 and 2 covered stuff I already new, but it was a very well structured refresher for me. 3 has a lot to take in, and I occasionally find myself going 'huh', but sooner or later, everything seems to be explained! I find it hard to judge how somebody going fresh into programming might find it, though I definitely appreciate having a bit of past experience. Other than possible information overload (with accompanying head explosions), I'd say that anyone at any level couldn't do better than these VTMs for learning from. I'd certainly advise having further books for reference, you'll want them for when you start going 'Maybe I could do this!?!'.

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    The learning curve and the method they used to learn me in the VTM's where perfect, only thing i could think of wich required some re-runs where the classes, specialy how to pass data into, and out to. Verry cool to go trough the vtm's making a complete game, it took everything into perspective.

    I hope they make some verry advanced VTM's in the future!
    - RiviEr

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    I am new to this programming stuff. Is there a specific C++ or OpenGl compiler that everyone uses or does anyone have any recommendations. I am interested in getting the OpenGL & C++ Programming VTM Series Bundle (C++ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and I am wondering how I am going to compile the code.

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