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    I know that this has been discussed before and I understand the sources will never be released as that is not the teaching method they believe in here at 3DBuzz and I understand and accept that, but everyone learns better in different ways. Some like books, others like videos, others need one to one, etc.

    I learn better from having code that works and then being able to tinker with it instead of fighting incredibly difficult things to fix as a beginner.

    I bought these courses when they were at full price and have no regrets, they are worth it in the amount of content they provide. But to be honest, you can't learn c++ just from these videos alone. The problems with the code not working is too irritating if you are just starting out.

    I would say buy a nice book, study it and then find the video that corresponds to that topic and watch it. You will get a great combination then.

    In watching these videos for many times... I have a recommendation that I think would really help in teaching programming.

    Instead of scrolling through code as Joel and Logan do, to use the drop down list that shows all the functions and methods in programs. This way the viewer is not confused by seeing code scrolling quickly by and gets a good idea of where they are and where they are going as they watch.
    Those features in the IDE are nice and I think would really add to the experience of knowing where you are going even before you get there instead of seeing the hunt via scrolling of where they are going next.

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    My comment was not aimed at the problem of the frustration of a compile error, but the frustration of trying to compare code blocks from a video scrub. I thnk a pdf or image file is the answer.

    I think in learning some things you have to be opportunistic. I certainly got a lot further with vtms than I did with my textbook alone. Along with game instiitute and vtc, this was tha only online course I could find. Based on availible info, it appears to be the best...

    I think you could argue video lecturing is preferable to traditional lecturing--when that make its way into the higher education mix--I think there will be some far reaching ramifications.

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    I'm trying to port the Evil Monkeys code to C# and so far had success, but I've just come across a minor difference that is somewhat confusing me.

    In the C++ code, for the DrawEngine.cpp, there's a char array defined as tileImage. There is also a char** called map. Now, in the drawBackground() method, there's the following cout statement:

    cout << tileImage[map[x][y]];

    What I'm confused about, is that the char** map array is of type Char. Which means that map[x][y] will result in a char value, right? In the VTM's case (Level VTM), this will result in either the ' ' char or the '+' char.

    What I'm confused about is how you can pass this as an index into the tileImage array?

    I had the map array setup as a char 2 dimensional array in C#, but this was throwing a 'can not convert char to int' compile error when calling Console.Write(tileImage[map[x][y]]), so I had to change map to an int type, rather than char.

    Is this just because C# is more strict with type casting?
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    Yes, C# is more strict with type casting. You could have done this: Console.Write(tileImage[(int)map[x][y]]).

    "Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." ~Rich Cook

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    I have a few books, I had made a small start with C++ before finding these VTM's.
    But the VTM's have answered more questions than all my books, and most importantly to me, have kept me inspired to keep going. The presentation style is warm and easy going and it just makes it a much more pleasant thing learning ..even when my brain starts hurting...which is often

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    how do you watch them? it just says "error on page" every time i try. i tried to download but i think they don't let u do that. either way, i can't get 2 c 1 video. what's going on????

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    After becoming frustrated with my lack of attention span for books these days, I've spent quite a bit of time scouring the net for video tutorials in an attempt to try and trick myself into learning something. These are by far the best video tut's I've seen. I don't think they're perfect, but none are, and what works best for some may not work best for me, or vice versa.

    As I do alot of travelling I was hoping to use the time effectively by watching some of these vids. As I don't have internet access while I'm traveling I managed to locate the free videos on the net where someone had DL'd them so I could watch them offline. This was a massive help to me while I went over old ground, but I find most of the time now I sit at the computer with VS open and reproduce the code. Shame they don't provide source because it's often hard to follow when they're scrolling all around the place.

    I knew by the second video that they were MUCH better than others I'd seen and knew I'd buy them. So far I've purchased the C++ and C# videos, but I dont have them in my hands yet. Thats ok, I'm still working my way through the first 3 VTMs.

    Thanks for making it easier for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skinner_au View Post
    Shame they don't provide source because it's often hard to follow when they're scrolling all around the place.
    The reason they do not provide source is to kinda force you to type it out and make mistakes and learn from them and also if you get stuck to come here for help
    there is a Big thread called the "Thread of Information" that helps with a lot of the bad things in the videos but all in all they teach you to code not to copy and paste and that is why people learn more from these videos than books,because in books you copy and paste.
    only thing i wish for is more advanced Opengl videos though

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    I haven't even completed the whole course, and I think these VTMs are great, wonderful and awesome at the same time.

    I started programming with Java, using a really simple book that got me straight into coding games, but I grew bored with it fast. In every section of the book is has a few paragraphs of explanation, and then just pages of code...

    I <i>then</i> tried Python, and gave up after a day. The online book I had was useless, and I couldn't get anything from the library on it.

    But, 3DBuzz was recommended to me by someone replying to a thread I made on, and I found these tutorials. They reinvigorated my programming flame, and I love the fact I feel as if I'm not just reading a book. Which, I'm not, really...

    I only wish I could pay for the level 4-6 videos though. I'm still in high school, and my parents wouldn't buy me them. I guess I'll have to go back to text to learn GUIs .
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    cout << "BEST TUTORIAL OUT THERE!!!" << endl ;<-------- DINK!

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