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    Can we please...

    stop doing stuff like this?

    I mean, can we please come up with better, more descriptive titles for our posts? This would help when we're searching for specific posts. It also saves on bandwith (although very little), by not having everyone and their momma click on that thread just to figure out what the thread is about. Only those who are interested in the thread will click on it.

    I don't mean to pick on just one person, but I've noticed fragmented titles (like this one). I've also seen titles like, "C++ HELP!", or "HELP MEE!". Please be more specific with your thread titles.
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    agreed , people should add more detail to there titles and let people no what they are gong to be about
    but also people do this to make people think and then click on it to find out what its all about
    i normaly check almost all of the threads anyway so it dosent bother me Got Xbox live? Add me. DuDeY109

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    Ive posted about this in the past, Actually if people want answer to their questions etc its in their own interest to post a more descriptive title... I guess people it will tease people into looing at the thread.

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