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    Power Cut Help

    hi i have a AMD 3.2 gig cpu, 1 gig RAM, MSI -k8n neo mother boared, with a radion 9800 pro.

    one night while busy rendering a scene in 3dsmax, our house had a power cut. the pc sut down n i was p@##ed (2 hours of renderin down the drain).

    when i came to turn my computer back on, it let off no bios beeps and wouldnt engage any of the drives (ie no hd - no dvd etc)

    this meant all the fans wear running but wouldnt start up. the power light on my case does flash on for 2 seconds and off for 2 seconds.

    i tried removing bios bat - reseting statick (30 sec power btn) but didnt work.

    now i notice it turns on without having to press the power button in (just insert plug and away)

    i changed the psu for a older one(lower power too) n the pc works but i want to use the origanal psu as it wasnt cheap.

    any way i can solve the problem with the origanl psu?

    (i have now purchased a surge protector for my pc )

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