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Thread: sata support?

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    sata support?

    what would i need to use this hard-drive?
    i dont have any built in SATA support on my mobo... sorry... i dont know anything about sata, and sata controllers... thanks,

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    SATA is the type of connection it has to your mobo. If your mobo doesn't supply a SATA connection, you're forked!
    Try a Seagate though, apparently a lot of Maxtors and WD's are having some problems. Check out the Hardware>AMD forum section for more info. Right now, you might need an IDE HD if your mobo is about 2 years old or older.
    Why don't you make sure which interface you have (IDE, ata100, ata133, etc) and then choose a hard drive.

    If you're in the U.S. try Newegg .

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    I think your going to either need a card like this

    or to get and ide hard drive.

    Veni, vidi , Edidi

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