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    i havent heard much good about maxtor. in fact my friend has been throuw 3 in teh last 2 years. i am stickign with seagate for my new one. and my samsung 40 gig that came with my hp has lasted a good 5 years. i am fiarly impressed, outside of the 5400 rpm thing.

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    now that i think about it..i have a 120gb 5400rpm maxtor in my xbox that i've had some issues with in the past. it used to give loud clicks sometimes in the middle of playing games or movies then it would just shut off. the problem just went away after a while and i dismissed it as just a problem with either my psu or the power cable not in all the way.
    hmmm...i'd better back up just in case

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    You know what is the worst part of this tragedy? I lost every frickin' 3d tutorial I ever accumulated over the course of better than 2 years of net searches. Yeah, sure I can get the Buzz tutorials and 3d-Palace tutorials back. I can even recover the tutorials from 3d world mag. But how about all those strange and rare gems I found over the course of 10,000 google scans? I probably will never see those again.


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    5,302 be brutally honest, I'm surprised someone as knowledgeable about hardware as yourself didn't have regular back-ups...

    Still, having has the same harddrive crash experience... I do know the feeling.

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    So it seems to be a Seagate for me the next one I buy

    I had a WD 80gb to crash on me and just got bogus after.. never seemd to get it working correct again.. and the sound from it was terrible.. maybe there was heat corruption on it. i dont know...
    Its hard to understand how smart people think!

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    Have any of you used this utility?

    Spin Rite 6.0

    This may solve your problems with data recovery davidaleon, if you still have that drive that is. Apparently this software is the best in the world for recovering lost data and repairing damaged drives by swaping in good sectors replacing the bad ones.

    Hope you can use this to recover your data.

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    Originally posted by Reverend04
    I've been Maxtor free for about five years now after having three of their drives die (click of death) in a one year period. They use to have a 3 year warranty so I got two free replacements, but the data was gone. I guess manufacturers got tired of replacing drives, so they have all reduced warranties to 1 year, with a few exceptions. My employer had a Maxtor burn out on a server and paid $4600 for data recovery. So anyway, I agree Maxtor drives can't be trusted.

    I've got an arrangement now that Enygma described. A primary drive with strictly the OS and utilities loaded on it, and a secondary with all my data and important stuff on it. Of course I still backup the secondary drive, but I can replace or format the primary on a whim without worrying about my data.
    I am going to purchase a maxtor 200gb sata drive as main op sys drive and partition for storage. I test drives before I put them into production for bad sectors so if it is bad I will know before anything is placed on it.

    All the maxtor drives I see for sale have 3 year manufacturer warranties. Unless they are misleading people by puting that on the sales page maxtor drives still have 3 year warranties.

    I got a bas seagate drive before and like thoughs that got bad drives br whatever company I swore off the company I got that drive from which was at that time seagate. Western Digital drives are good though me, I prefer maxter though to each their own.

    Also if any of you get that software I posted about, run it on all your drives because it will fix them before you even know there is anything wrong with them. Depending on the speed of the drive and computer it can take upto several days to realy get a drive completely checked if it has lots of data on it.

    Some of you that recieved drives with errors and lots of bad sectors that software may permenantly repair those drives for you. Reports have been made of click of death drives repaired so well they never had a problem again and ran better than new. Though I don't know, never had click of death drives.

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    Sometimes, I wish the term "to each their own" really applied with hard drives, considering all the issues I have had. Logical and physical corruptions as well as drives just dying. All with Maxtor. 2 clicks of death out of about 14 Western Digital drives I've used, and absolutely nothing yet for Seagate.

    2 sector corruptions I have had were on 160GB SATA Maxtors in the same system. All I have used in this system were Maxtors, and I have had 3 160GB SATA drives go through this system. 2 of them ended up corrupted within a year, one I am using right now and seems to be running fine thus far, although I look forward to getting rid of it for Seagates when I build my new system.

    So far for Seagates, I have 1 primary seagate in a server, 1 primary seagate in a backup server, and 2 seagates in RAID 1 in a workstation. I will have 1 Seagate as a primary IDE and 4 seagates in RAID 5 with 1 hot spare in my future workstation.

    Well, come to think of it, 'To each their own' can apply. If you want a hard drive with a higher probability of corruption or failure, get a Maxtor. If you want hard drives that have a good track record thus far, Seagate and Western Digital seem to be the way to go so far. Heck, seagates warranties push 5 years for ALL of their internal hard drives, including notebook drives. With Maxtor, it varies even on retail based products. Basically here is what they say:

    # Maxtor Fireball®, DiamondMax® ATA/SATA and DiamondMax Plus ATA /SATA drives will carry a Standard Warranty Period of 3 years.
    # Maxtor MaXLine™ ATA/SATA drives will carry a Standard Warranty Period of 5 years.
    # Maxtor Atlas® SCSI drives will continue to carry a Standard Warranty Period of 5 years.
    # Maxtor branded retail hard drive kits will carry a Standard Warranty Period of 1 year.
    # Maxtor external hard drives will carry a Standard Warranty Period of 1 year, with the exception of the Maxtor Personal Storage 3000LS and PS3100 drives, which have a Standard Warranty Period of 90 days in North America.
    # In EMEA, Maxtor external hard drives and Maxtor branded retail hard drive kits will carry a Standard Warranty Period of 2 years.

    For the most part, it is 3 years, yet they go as low as 1 year, even for internal drive kits. I even took a look on Neweggs website, and not one Maxtor hard drive on their site shows a 5 year manufacturers warranty. As a matter of fact, half the drives are 3 year warranties and the other half are 1 year warranties.

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