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    Zombies, Gore... and my mom (they don't mix very well)

    Well I was playing the HL2 demo and having loads of fun, untill my mom came in. When she saw the zombies blowing apart, screaming ect. she... well lets just say she didn't like it. Anyways I was wondering if there is a game like HL2 minus the zombies and gore (or at least have an option to turn off the gore).

    PS. Not just a plain shoot-em-up but a game with a good plot and some puzzles.

    Is there such a game?

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    Oh sure, you could always get Doom 3...

    no, wait... that won't work.

    Okay, how about Medal of Honor?

    Nope... not that one either...

    If you have an xbox you could get Halo 2... but that still has a lot of gore, albeit alien gore...

    Gee, it seems that we live in a world where for a game to be cool it must be DRENCHED in blood! In the words of the Almighty (according to Douglas Adams), We're sorry for the inconvenience.

    :::Trudges off to play more Halo 2:::


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    The heavy majority of games feature violence on some shape or form. Just look at Mickey Mouse in Kingdom hearts beating at people with his giant key!
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    Here'ssome Nice Games.>>>>>>>
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    I remember an FPS that came out around the time between wolfenstein and doom that basically was a group of dirt aliens and the main character used several soap based weapons to "clean them off".... it didn't sell very well, though...
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    Try the Splinter Cell series, great games (though not really "shooters") and I don't think I saw a single pixel of blood...The game is what they call "stealth action", so it's not really a shooter, but not a puzzle game either. I think they might have demos of it available, if not, the first game is only like $15 in the bargain bin probably.

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    Surely if you are old enough to buy it you should be old enough to play it?

    Otherwise, could you turn down the detail settings? Would that work in reducing the gore? It may make everything else look crappy too though.

    If that doesnt work - just be careful to pick when you play

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    You guys need to "LEARN" the difference between the term "Gore" and "Blood". Gore is when you remove something that belongs to a living thing (i.e , Head, hands, arms, legs, torso ect,)

    Blood is when blood comes out. And splats or just drizzles out of the body. Gore removing a body part ect, in that catagorey.

    Medal of honor is fine, Doom 3 no.
    Medal of honor = blood.
    Far Cry = Blood.
    STALKER = Blood & Gore.
    Doom 3 = Blood and GORE.
    Half life 2 = Blood and Some gore.

    Just to clarify it up because some people tell me sure i don't have the best spelling english grammer ect, but they need to learn the difference between meanings of two things that are completely different.

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    How about GTA:VC for PC, that game is only blood, right? So you can play that game, is not a puzzle game either but is fun... i cannot remember if you can disable the blood thing, but the blood disappears very fast.

    ESRB Descriptors for GTA:VC : Strong Language, Violence, Blood and Gore, Strong Sexual Content.

    Cya later.
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    You could always go play "Harvest Moon".

    Call me crazy, but I love that game to death.

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