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    A Reflection Of Exsistance

    This is the first day of the first month of the year 2005.
    At this time we are watching the terreble results of what earth can do to the life that lives on it and we can not control our fragile planet yet we owe so much to it for giving life.
    From the moment we are born we are set on a journey through a path of learning and understanding the world we live in and the people we have to live with to produce another life in the ever growing cycle of creation.
    The world is constanty changing as are we in the way we look feel and learn but are we missing something in our life we need to sit down and think about.
    We look up into the stars at night,we may see the moon shining bright but some day it could all end tomorrow leaving those behind to feel the sorrow as we fall to the place with no light and existance in sight.
    We are here still holding on,living in our dreams,trying to do what feels right.
    Scott Moncrieff: Graduate: HND Interactive Multimedia Creation
    Maxon Cinema 4D R11.5 XL + Mograph 2 + Hair |Adobe Production Studio/Photoshop CS6

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    Get a blog, Scott.
    My eyes are open, yet I continue to dream....

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    no joke... or at least put some of your stuff down in a poetry book and sell it online
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    Go get a girlfriend

    Nice piece of work really.

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