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    Dont know what to say but I am truly sorry bro, but remember its not your fault

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    Originally posted by cutepixie
    I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest condolsences to her family and you. i hope that you do not do anything to cause harm to yourself or whatnot. If you need someone to talk to, you can feel free to pm me.

    I was wondering if she was still in Arizona because i live in Arizona and have not heard of any news of something of that nature. Not that i don't believe you but just wondering.

    again i'm sorry to hear of such tragic news.
    AFAIK she flew out to see her family for her birthday which I believe they live in CO if I remember correctly. But for now I will stay with the fact that She wears death beautifully...

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    Same here iam very sorry to hear about this, the world is sick in menny ways sometimes, its ashame that people that do these kind of things to girls soo easely gets away with it to.
    sometimes this world is so unfair.but i see no reasons for you to blame yourself, its not you that hurt her, its you that gave here something nice real friendship ,and iam sure she wouldent want you to blame yourself for this. hoppe they put these guys away for good.
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    Im am very sry to hear about your loss. You must understand that this is NOT your fault. Unfourtionatly, nothing would ever replace a friend. you will definitly feel angry and depressed, which is ofcourse perfectly normal. Just make sure you control your anger. And remember, everyone on 3D-Buzz is there for you.

    R.I.P Heather

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    Oh (like most) at a loss for words. I couldn't imagine what you must be feeling right now. I wiss there was something I could do or say to make you feel better. But I know your not looking for mere words. I can only offer my prayers for you and her family. May she R.I.P.....

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    Oh my. That's serious bad luck.

    Good people should never suffer like that. Bad things should never happen to nice people.

    Good luck.
    May you forgive yourself one day, and may she finally rest in peace

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    I must say, I feel bad for the poor conducter of that train. His life is probably ruined now.

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    wow... a loss of words here
    im so sorry to hear that.. i cant imagine what you must be going through, that really sucks that something like that would ever happen to someone. 3 times.
    My heart goes out to you and the girl and her family.

    best regards. Wraith

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    This is truly heartbreaking. It just makes me so mad that someone could actually do this to someone. I'll be praying for you, and her family. Cerberus2k7, I'm glad we talked on IM and remember I'm here for you anytime man if you need to talk about it more.
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    Unhappy dude

    This is the worst thing I heard of in a while. It really hit me hard because i'm going thru something somewhat like that too(not to stray from the tragady) but It's truely heartbreaking to hear this news because I kinna know how you feel.

    What I can tell you is that you are truely blessed for doing your part of being an angel of comfort to this person. Heather will always be a part of you. Just keep praying for her to be peaceful and happy.

    The only advise I can give is keep being good to people you meet, Don't change and Take it one day at a time.

    You can pm or im anytime if you need someone to talk to.

    GBU..R.I.P. Heather.

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