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    Angry Why can't women drive? Did you have a bad time driving to work this morning

    why, most women can't drive?

    I had another episode this morning while driving to work.

    Going around a big roundabout (UK round versions of 4 ways cross roads without traffic lights)
    Roundabout has two lanes...
    I was in the inside lane making my 270 degree round to reach my exit and this woman was in the outside lane about to approach her exit....I was "on my lane" but slightly behind her...

    As she gets ready to exit, (she should have simply indicated left and naturally drive into the exit....) she didn;t indicate at all, she moved onto my lane (the inside one!) almost squashing me between her car and the inside edge of the roundabout to then keep going straight into her exit...

    I usually look at close by drivers trying to anticipate their mistakes especially if the driver is a woman so I could clearly see what she was going to do and therefore I mananged to avoid an acident

    So... she crossed lane without looking into her mirror, without using the indicator... than she crossed into the left lane again, without indicating and exting the round about without indicating...

    I had to brake hard and use the horn... but no reaction from looking at her head and car movement... she simply drove through it careless of other cars on the road

    I so far met only 2 women that could drive really well.. the others should take the buss!

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    Just a little sexist don't you think?
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