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    Thumbs up Nominees for BAFTA Games and Interactive Awards.

    Is your preferred game in there?

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    Chronicles of Riddick is in there, so that's cool
    Myst 4 is there too; even cooler
    Technical Artist at LuGus Studios

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    Nov 2003
    RalliSport Challenge 2 is in there... COOL!

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Bucher Bay
    Playing it now.. COOL!

    Halo 2 is in there... NOT COOL! One of the worse games out there right now ... what a pile of crap.(considering that Halo1 was great... Halo 2 is only money maker stunt.. if you have never played Halo 1 I guess you will like Halo 2.. if you have played Halo1 then save yourself money and stick to Halo1)

    Donkey Konga is in there... Double Conga Cool!

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