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Thread: C++ Wip ?

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    C++ Wip ?

    hi guys..

    since many have started to receive C++ DVDs etc...
    what about a WIP section added to the C++ forums?

    Unless we simply use the existing WIP forum.... but that may become a bit too mixed if we start to have Visual CG based threads and C++ Geek threads

    just a thought

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    Good point, I agree that that over it might get a bit messy in the current Wip forum with a mixture of C++ and 3d in there. A C++ Wip section in the C++ forums would be better....

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    Well that is a good idea maybe for the future but at the current point there are still quite a few people that post in the C++ forums, though there are going to be more soon I hope. So at this time just go ahead and basically post your code in a zip file if it is a lot and an executable so people can see and possibly help. If there is a major surge of people that it becomes overwhelming we can see about a WIP for programming. It is a good suggestion and something that needed to be considered.
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