I really have to commend you on your job making these tutorials. I'm at the third Issue and laughing all the time. I probably heard "DINK" from Joel Over 45 times or more . Hey I wonder how many times he did say it! I'll write a program that checks that .

These vtms just upgraded my understanding of C++ to about an extra 30%!! (Maybe I should write a program that actually checks that too ) I mean I jumped into Direct X and OpenGL before I know some important stuff! I could slap myself.

I would like to thank Joel(btw my name is Joel too but who cares ) for his use of Debugging! I had no idea it was soo easy. I feel dumb for skipping that part of my books.

Busby... you suck as a student. In school your teacher probably hated you for knowing more than him(not implying that you know more than Joel or Dan which you probably do).

ANYWHO... This was just a thankyou from a fellow 3dbuzz member.