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    xsi architectural question

    now i experience xsi foundation and want to buy advanced but in some areas there are questioýn marks in my head
    1.i don't know how capable xsi is in architectural concepts
    2.arhitectural design tools such as meter , mirror , bezier curved lines ( splines like in max ) and very important ARRAY tool

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    I haven't done any architectureal work in xsi yet, but i know that the curve tools in advanced are the same as in foundation. so no bezier curves with handles.
    I hope softimage will implement this in the next release.
    It's been a long time since i had max open, so i can't really remember all the features of the array tool. i think you could duplicate and transform multiple objects with one step. You got a similar dialog in xsi when you go to the Model-Layout -> Edit -> Duplicate/Instantiate... -> Duplicate Multiple (Ctrl + Shift + D). There you can specify the amount of instances and define the transformation for each duplication.
    Mirror-Tools are all there.
    As for question #1, i suggest you check out the new training video from 3dquakers. It's called "Introduction to Architectural Modeling for Softimage XSI 4". You can find more information here -->
    Maybe this will give you an idea of how capable xsi is in terms of architecural tasks. It's only 25$, so really cheap.
    From 3dquakers:
    Introduction to Architectural Modeling is a beginner level training kit that introduces the exciting world of architectural modeling under the Softimage XSI 4 platform. The author starts from a 2D floor plan imported from AutoCAD, and builds upon it until a complete house structure is finished, enabling you to create any imaginable 3D structure starting from a 2D plan. Special attention is given to units and precise measurements, so that the final product is accurate and still compatible with the general XSI unit system.
    Also covered in detail are techniques used to create Parametric Doors and Windows. You will be learning how to create these objects procedurally, and give them a parametric user interface, so they can be used in any architectural project.

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    thanx for feedback
    i realize that xsi is becoming from tricks and techniques more than tools which are being in max .
    i ll check for this video too .
    anyway good showcase

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