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    Jump Height Reference Numbers

    I've been experimenting with the jet packs and have learned a few interesting things - maybe not news to others here but was news to me. Firstly if you have the energy pack equipped you get the most out of it if you activate it immediately after firing off your jet pack (don't wait until midway through your energy or towards the end if you want to jump really, really high) Also... all 3 suit classes can jump the same height. I'd always assumed that the light suit could jump the highest, medium 2nd hightest, and the heavies had the shortest jump - not true, they all jump the same height both with and without the energy pack, the only difference between them is speed.

    So how high do they jump? Well, in the editor you have the option of setting your grid anywhere from 1,2, 4, 8 etc... all the way up to 4096. These are some numbers I've come up with given the different ways you have of jumping in the game...

    I didn't go anal over these, so they are close, but not exact based on your skill. How good you are could mean lower or higher by a bit...

    Jetpack Alone:

    w/ Energy Pack

    w/ Energy Pack AND Grappler

    w/ Spinfusor

    w/ Spinfusor AND Grappler

    w/ Energy Pack AND Spinfusor

    w/ Energy Pack AND Spinfusor AND Grappler

    *Note: The heights given for jumps w/ Grappler refer to the height at which the Grappler will attach to the bottom of something - the bottom surface will be approximately at that height. Also if you don't know the spinfusor trick you fire it at your feet the same time as when you start your jump and it gives you a boost.

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    Did I miss something?

    Is there a jet pack available for UT now? Or did some one just make one?

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    He is talking about Tribes Vengeance, witch uses the unreal game engine.

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