All I can say is WOW WOW WOW! I spent the entire day watching these videos yesterday. They are simply amazing. Great job Jason and Joel. I cannot believe the amount of content included on these CDs and the quality is off the chart. Not to mention, my name was on each CD! I have to assume it's like that for everyone. How long did that take? I love it though! My own personalized vtm.

At first, the watermark threw me off. I've not been around much lately and so I've missed the discussion about it. I completely understand why you did it jason and just to let you know, I quickly forgot it was there. Nice, very nice.

Well, I'm off to continue working on my new game. I'll post it once it's complete. You guys have filled in so many holes, I cannot thank you enough!


When is the next c++ vtm coming out? I'm ready to preorder again!