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    I recieved the 2nd set that was posted within 3-5 days, which amazed me.
    I must say though that even with all the hassle and worry of not recieveing them for liek 2 months, nowe I have them I`m glad I ordered them.

    The VTMs are great and I bigup buzz, Joel and Dan for making something so difficult so easy to follow.

    I have a medium based skill set in C++, so a lot is just touching up and revision for my exams.

    I was wondering if there is any chance of doing a DirectX VTM series, or if you would be interested in doing one.
    I also saw that Sigraph 07 is C++ and this a one off video or is it a series?

    Thanks, and again - great work!

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    I think BuZZ mentioned that as the C++ VTMs get more advanced they'll be doing some OpenGL stuff. I don't believe directX is multi-platform whereas I think OpenGL is, so that is pronbably their logic.

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