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    Lightbulb BLACK PERIOD!!!

    Sadly I see a black period in gaming in the future for a while. Everybody is consentrating on graphics. You just don't get the same feeling as when you just got your super nintento playing marios and the like. I mean games nowaday are beautiful to look at but not as fun as games back in the day. For example half life 2. It's the best looking fps game i ever played( still playing ) but in certain areas where you HAVE to use physics to proceed kind of kills the experience to me.

    Now the blackout i'm talking about is when Graphics is at it's best. Everything will be soo realistic that gamers will concentrate on the environment instead of the gameplay. That's where things will be repetitive. But the moment developers realize what they have done, they'll start to focusing on the gameplay. This will now end the black period.

    I mean the best games I remember playing where final fantacy 7, super metroid and einhander. These games are not at all graphic intence but the gamplay and story rocks!! It made an experience that you heart remembers, and thats how all great games should be.
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    Well like it was said before in this thread people will be focused on graphics untill they reach realism (which is not far off) then people will get board of just graphics and will want something more, when that happens the game company's will be forced to produce games with better story and gameplay.

    Thus begins the begining of gamings golden age.

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    Once developers hit realism, I think they will start making games like the surrealists and impressionists made art.

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