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    Getting tired of crappy over positive reviews

    this guys tells the truth about Metroid Prime...

    same type of stuff is happennig now again with Halo2.. halo 2 is a very desappointing game, over hyped etc... but sites liek gamespot stsill gave it an over 9/10 score.....

    Get real guys... get more critical or game quality levels will drop

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    I'm not sure you read that correctly. He doesn't really give the game a bad review, all he says is that he personally doesn't think it's very good because it "betrays" 2 genres that the game seems to be a mix of." Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to realize that it's not meant to uphold any cookie-cutter FPS or Adventure game standards. It's just meant to be Metroid. And that it is.

    If anyone thinks that you needed alot of "skill" to beat the creatures in the 2d Metroid games, there is something wrong with you.
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    All he is saying is the same of what can be said of every single one of the greatest games ever made. "It's awesome and flawless, if youre in to that sort of thing. "

    He just isn't into it personally.

    I enjoyed the gameplay immensely... I played the game for exploration. I think the biggest betrayals in the game play for both game is that the Hint system is on by default. And when you think about it, doesn't the hint system defeat the coolest part of a metroid game?

    I can say that about half life 2... it's a great game, if you're into that sort of thing. Halo 2 on the other hand... Just doesnt do anything original or unique except for its server finding and multiplayer tools. It's an okay game, but by no means does it deserve the high scores it gets.

    You shouldnt be able to say "it has one of the worst levels in gaming history" (gamespy review for halo) or "it has one of the most disapointing endings in all of gaming history" (gamespot review for halo 2) and still give the game ultra high scores of 5's and 9.4's. The reviews for Halo and Halo 2 smell bought to me.
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    yes Halo 2 reviews do smell...

    Gamespot even gave it something like 9 for graphcis... I mean 9?
    THere are better looking games on Xbox.. then that old and stale slightly improved Halo 1 technology

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    finally, a group of fellow halo haters!!!

    most reviewers are probably on the take, that's they give halo and other shyte good reviews. its a decent game, but not excellent or groundbreaking or anything. i think some reviewers put in how innovative the game is, and i guess that there weren't very many xbox fps games where you can only yield 2 weapons, drive around in a car/flying car, and shoot horribly designed (and horribly animated, and horribly voiced) aliens. i especially enjoy the generic naming of everything. "the flood" "master chief", etc etc.

    enough of my babbling

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    By the looks of screenshots for Halo 2 it looks like decent graphics. But even so the gameplay (at least part 1) of the game is awesome and if one hasent played Halo 2 and is putting it down then your obbvously ignorent to the fact that is might be a kick butt game. Exact same thing happend to my friends borhter a couple of months back. Im just being positive and not being a negative judger .

    I dont have a Xbox so i played it on my comp and the game was exhilirating.
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