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    indeed.. i think if you cant stand with Valves Steam system.. dont buy the game or just return it, i have never had anything go wrong with steam and offline mode has worked fine the once i used it, i seriously doubt that this pettition will have any effect on Valve whatso ever, it is a good system to stop pirates and im sorry for those of you who have had bad experiences with steam because of your internet connections and such, i am currently behind two different routers, one of which i have no control over, and it still works, hopefully valve will work on fixing and improving steam for everyone, but in the meantime if you cant stand the thought of steam, just dont buy the game

    just my 2 cents

    oh and uh.. yeah "i just wanted to 'try' the game" you realise that by 'aquiring' your copy of half life you are pirating the game of course.. it doesnt matter wether you were planning on buying the game or not, that is stealing... after the millions that valve put in to this game and after thier source code had already been stolen previously.. valve deserves the money that you pay for thier games (or dont pay) after all they've been through, the steam system is a good step towards piracy protection however is obviously not foolproof
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    Originally posted by ja8t3d

    well your lucky i've been trying for 3 days and it won't launch offline mode i get an error stating "cannot connect to steam server. please try again later"

    and this is after i took my computer to work so that i could install steam & HL2
    When starting up Steam (still connected to the net at this point), did you check the box marked 'remember password' or whatever it is? You need to do this or else offline mode won't work.
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    The main point I was trying to get across with my post earlier was that Valve put alot of effort into steam. Its primary purpose was is to get games to people over the internet. I hate the concept of games being sold as "packages", but I thought it wouldn't affect me since I would just buy the standard physical copy in a box. Then some brilliant thinkers at Valve decided to use steam to verify the physical copies too. I knew when I first heard it that it would cause people problems. If a piracy prevention method will cause ANYONE with a real copy of the game ANY problems it should not be put in place. Legitimate users had problems, and it didn't really affect the piracy at all. It was probably more difficult for the people releasing the pirated versions, but the way they got past steam created a version even easier to use than an official copy. The steam protection was a failure. But of course people will still claim Valve revolutionized anti-piracy, and try their own flawed versions of the system on other games.

    I am aware what I did was illegal, and I don't encourage others to do what I did. If you question whether the game is worth purchasing just buy it. It is worth it (even with the problems). I just hope online verification doesn't continue in new games.

    edit: I was going to pick up a copy this weekend, but since I have to go to the mall anyways I'm picking it up today.

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    I just wanted to point two things out:

    1. If Valve had just put a simple little checkbox or something on install saying "I do not want to connect to the internet everytime I play", which would have automatically set the parameters correctly, about 90% of the complaints would be gone. Maybe its easy to fix once you know how, but hard was it for them to add that much more code into their installer?

    2. The entire purpose of avoiding piraters is to save the company money...and rightfully so. I of all people know how bad pirating is (dorm room sophomore year...we would play CS with the enire floor just about, but only myself and maybe one other person actually owned the game). So in theory Valve will make a lot more money by having all this anti-pirating stuff added to their game. Now, what do I, the paid full price and have no intention of pirating it consumer get out of this? Nothing...what should I get out of this? Well, since they are going to make so much more money (hopefully), they should pass some of the profits off to making the game cheaper than your average game. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

    I have the game, am not returning not trying to whine (just pointing out a couple of things). But I do feel Valve/whoever is really kindof giving their consumers a cheap shot. Maybe Steam will help online aspects of HL2, but not everyone buys it for online all of the "easier updates", "anti cheating" stuff is really not fair for the person who just wants to play single player. I also saw both sides of people complaining/people yelling at complainers =P. I installed this on my own computer and it really was no big deal...took a little longer than a game like Doom 3, but not horrendous. I installed it on my mom's computer, and it took an hour and a half...of which time I had to remain at the computer to insert new CD/make my account/check this/whatever, but could do nothing but watch it ate all of her resources (her computer is newer than mine but overall is a bit worse). I mean that sucked...thats ridiculous for someone to spend an hour and a half installing a game.

    Anyways, just my thoughts. I kindof believe Valve/whoever is responsible should receive at least a little bit of negative feedback for this steam system. But its not a reason to cry and whine and say "this is awful, I am returning it!", but a reason to be a bit pissed if you are stuck on a computer like my mom's =).

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    Originally posted by Rublore

    When starting up Steam (still connected to the net at this point), did you check the box marked 'remember password' or whatever it is? You need to do this or else offline mode won't work.

    i have just given up on it until i can get internet access at home again
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    I really dont see the point of them continuing of steam for activation and all the rest, the only reason i saw for it was prevent piracy and now that a warez group has emulated steam so it doesnt need to use to real steam there isnt much point in pissing more people off with keeping it in use.

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    At a slow modem connection my only beef is the patching system. I fully understand patching through Steam and actually like it but I just wish I can download patches seperatlely at work and bring them home to install.

    I was on of those who seriously looked at NO getting the game but I kept asking questions until I knew that even with my slow dialup I could still enjoy the game. As I said I only wish there was an altenate patching system.

    Valve does that and works out the remaining kinks then I will be very happy.

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    Well reading all this makes me wonder if I want the game or not,
    Looking at some of the footage put me off, Just alot more karma than i wanted in a 1st person shooter but hmmm maybe not.
    That could be a neat new twist. Might be good for single player, and I like playing thru single player before I jump online.
    I had to activate windows XP. But at least they gave me a few days, What do the poor people that just play single player do,
    And have no internet. I guess they get to look at the new box.
    Ill wait for awhile, Not playing a game the week it came out wont kill me, Waiting another month or so wont hurt either.
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    Here's a thought. Valve took nearly 6 years to release thier revolutionary sequel to the #1 PC game of all time. That alone should have been enough hype to be make HL2 the #1 PC title for the 2004 holiday season. Unfortunately Newell and company promised the game to be done in 5 years at the E3 expo last year. There was never a "official " reason why the game was delayed as such (some believe the source code theft was the reason or perhaps just valve was way behind) but that extra year added major dollars to the end products overall budget.

    I think that steam is more a way to recoup the money spent going over on production. Usually the title split between the developer and publisher is heavily weighted to the publisher. Since Steam delivers content to the customer directly (at full price might I add) the publishers is cut out of the deal and Valve sees FULL profit for their creation. The fact that the retail customer gets screwed on Steam prolly doesn't bother Valve since they weren't getting paid in full by that customer anyway. The main problem as I see it is that Valve never has to adjust it's online price.....ever.

    As a consumer I'll wait till the price of whatever fits my budget then make a purchase, it doesn't seem just that I can walk out of a store with a physical boxed game $10 to $15 dollars cheaper or have paid new release price for Valves' virtual account. I've posted B4 hyping the Epic /UT 2K4 release but not just because of the game itself but because the price was = to the amount of product (stuff) you got. I'll eventually buy HL2 but not until the game becomes affordable to those who've bought enough gamage for the year.
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