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Thread: ps2 or xbox?

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    Well i own both the ps2 and the xbox, and the way i see it is i couldnt give a crap what the xbox can do with playing videos and the rest of it. To me i find a console should be all about games and if i wanted to watch videos and all the other sort id do it on my pc or laptop.

    I've found the ps2 by far better as a gaming console, i buy alot of games and if i were to compare games ive played for a great amount of hours between the consoles then i would have to say about 35 for ps2 and 6 for xbox. Alot of people probley wont agree with me due to them being biased to one system but this is just how i feel.

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    Own them both , Like them both,but if id hade to chose , i wouldent know what to do i think,I wouldent want to miss out on the MGS series,and i wouldent want to miss out on Halo, but MGS takes the price storywise, So i think i would have to chose PS2 if it really came down to it.

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    For online gameing you only have one good choice... XBOX!
    Xbox Live eats PS2 online gaming for breakfast.

    Remember that Xbox LIve only works with broadband. No 56 K Modems allowed.
    If you have broadband then you will know you won't have to cope with slow lagging 56K modem players.

    Take for example StarWars Battlefront... have a look at the GameSpot Video Review...Xbox has the best graphics... PS2 doesn't even show shadows and has less detail (NOTE this may also be down to the specifc developer skills with PS2 Platform but the PS2 is simply not as powerful as the Xbox) Also with XBox Live you can have double the amount of player in a game when comapred to PS2 Battlefront... and to get a bit better performance out of PS2 online you have to use a PC and some software.... yeah right!

    Anyway...Most game come out on a muliplatform format and every time you have a game coming out on Cube-PS2-Xbox the Xbox has always the best version!

    Also if this is your kind of thing have a look at Unreal Championship 2, a dedicated game for Xbox... you are no goign to get that smoothness on a PS2 online set up

    If there is some game that you really must play and it is only available for PS2, you have two options...
    let say that you must play MGS/GranTurismo/EyeToy etc...
    The new slimmer PS2 console is now £99 with some game included I think. £99 is the price of 3 games so the console is no tooooooooo expensive to get. You could get an Xbox Now and feel the power and unique gaming experience that games lke RallySPort challenge can give you...Halo 2, GhostRecon/Rainbow6 online etc...
    Then later buy a slim PS2 for under £100

    option 2... buy the Xbox now... bla bla bla...
    then later you may get hold of a PSP, the new sony portable console and get typical PS2 games on your new handheld.

    I have an Xbox and a Game Cube.. I never felt the need for a PS2
    Sony is about digital enterntainment machine with a Sony Brand... Game Cube and Nintendo is about GAMES!

    I always had access at PS2s either at work or with friends... I never wanted to buy one... with an Xbox and a Cube I really don't need a PS2

    later on, when my sun will be older then a few months I will probably get a second hand small PS2 just to get some EyeToy game... maybe... not sure

    But as an all around console with good online gaming capabilities I personally think the Xbox would be the best choice...
    To complement the Xbox with some pure japanes style games then I would add a cheap Game Cube for games like the new impressive Resident Evil 4, The lovely and party funny Donkey Conga, A nice adventure with the new upcoming Zelda, Mario games if they are for you... and some stuff like Dragon BallZ games if you are on that side of the sea.

    Yes, never mind DVD playing etc.. there are DVD players for that

    This is simply my personal view, nothing more

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    xbox live isnt expensive, i mean it cost 6 dollars a month heh, thats about what you would pay for a game rental

    i own ps2 (stood in line for several hours opening day), xbox (same), and gamecube (bought it later when RE came out)

    i play my ps2 only when a rpg game or cool exclusive platform game comes out and i never go online with it.

    i play xbox pretty much all the time, the main reason i like xbox more than ps2 and feel i can recommend it over a ps2 is it comes with a harddrive so you dont have to buy a memory card and worry about deleting game saves, you also can play your own music during racing games, and the most important for me, is that it has native HDTV support, so the majority of the games i play i can enjoy without them being squashed.

    ps2 now offers widescreen support on thier latest games but the graphics just arnt better.

    the choice is up to you but the better console is no doubt xbox, but if you want to play grand theft auto san andreas, gran tursimo 4, metal gear solid 3, or final fantasy series you will need a ps2.

    with that said the only good exclusive titles for xbox are, otogi myth of the demons, panzer dragoon, doa ultimate, buffy 1 (its good trust me), halo 1 and 2, house of the dead 3, ninja gaiden, fable, and a few others.

    all in all its basically which games do you like the most that are exclusive, if you find its a tie then getting an xbox would be the logical choice as the online play is nice, and the graphics are much better, they both offer dolby digital surround sound which is a must when playing games anyway.

    just stay away from the gamecube =X i only break out my gamecube to play resident evil, and some occasional mario sunshine, though the zelda games ae nice i would wait until the price drops to 50-75 before i could even recommend it.

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    go with ps2 an dget kingdom hearts

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    I would go for the Xbox mostly because of Xbox live. I know that the PS2 has sum on-line thing but I don't hear a lot from that compared to live. Sure, the PS2 has a variety of games, but depending which type of games you like to play;

    PS2 => single-player
    Xbox => multiplayer

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