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    Mar 2004
    Australia, Melbourne

    The best site on the www.

    Long live 3D Buzz!

    Like many this site is the entire reason I got into 3D (which I am now studying) about a year and a half ago.


    PS. Personaly I woudl'nt have any problem with you rolling in cash as a result of this site.
    I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left!

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    Feb 2004
    Originally posted by briandeloach

    Buzz has said in the past that he has strong feelings about not taking donations. His reasons are his own, and I think we should respect them without needing explanations.

    If this is something that you feel strongly about, it has been suggested in past threads that you support the 3D Buzz team by making a purchase from the store.
    You will get value for your money, you will support this site... and you will not make Jason uncomfortable by making a "charitable donation".

    I can't speak for Buzz...this is just my 2 cents worth.

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    Mar 2004
    Wilmington, NC: The Hollywood of the South

    3d Buzz is worth it to me

    I thought I would chime in.

    Though I have been only a member for about 7 months, I have enjoyed this site and its VTMs, not to mention my friends have really been able to pursue their own dreams in 3d by watching the VTMs. Which I think is fantastic. Also even though I am still a newbie to 3d, I have learned LOTS from this site and from the VTMs I have downloaded and the ones I purchased from the store. Although I was part of the 3d max 5 class I completely understand why it was cancelled, and I can't really get angry about something that is FREE. I also have to make an apology though for not being as active in the forums and will try to improve on this.
    I'm currently trying to become a member sponsor and support 3dbuzz any way I can. Why? Well that's simple. This site has been a godsend as far as 3d goes for me and my pals.
    So to Buzz and the gang, keep up the fantastic work. I know that I will still be here.



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    Mar 2004
    Hi Buzz

    There is always something new at 3dBuzz
    Nice letter, but...

    "I want to apologize to the community"
    Your apologies are accepted if it makes you feel better, but that's not what is needed or expected by the community.
    You made mistakes ... everybody does, very few are able to admit it and to correct them. You are clever enough to do that ...respect !

    "...what was allowed to become of the Online Classes..."
    For sure, online courses weren't perfect, but the concept was interesting and the people enrolled were quite happy to meet there. To me it's a big loss to have discontinued them instead of upgrading them to your required standards.

    "not accepting help from any of my other teammates or moderators"
    and members !!! I'm sure we are a lot amongst the community ready to help, just ask.

    "I have also removed the Karma restriction"
    ??? This system was fair, well accepted, technically sound, not time consuming, part of your vision... I really don't understand.

    There is nothing to apologize for.
    Thanks for what has already been achieved and thanks for what will be achieved.
    What's new Buzz ?

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    Apr 2004

    Unhappy Why say sorry??

    Hey Buzz, juz wana say sth here after reading wat u said...

    There's realli no need to say sorry here... u've been helping us amateurs learn abt all these awesome software for free!! i realli appreciate wateva u've did so far... and dun care abt wat others do or said... juz believe in wateva u're doing..

    Feeling guilty for not contributing much to the community... as a matter of fact, i'm not gd enuff to be contributing yet.... wateva it is, wana say thanx to u... to the 3D Buzz team... to whoeva's been helping to keep this community alive... 3 cheers for all of u!
    My Life for Maya

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    Hey Buzz. You don't need to be sorry about anything. Your site is one of the greatest sources a CG artist/hobbyist could ever find. I've learnt a hell of alot from your videos.

    I would like to thank you for taking your time to make these awesome VTM's.

    Oh! And i'm sorry for not posting here much. I'll try to change that.

    Have a nice day. And thanks again, you've given me a great resource to get my CG education that would otherwise be out of my reach.

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    Jan 2003

    I, as well as all of my cohorts at Clan OKD and Darkstar Industries, would like to formally thank you for the VTM series.

    Without it, I myself as well as others close to me would be fumbling in the dark about how to go about our passion for game design and 3D art.

    As long as you keep the VTM series alive, my colleagues and I are with you all the way.

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    Sep 2003
    I know I've only been coming here for a short while, but this site has enabled me to learn at a very accelerated pace compared to what I would have been able to accomplish on my own.
    I am infinitely appreciative of all the work and effort that is put in by Buzz, and everyone in the community in helping those that post here.
    Thank you so much-

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    Nov 2003

    Thumbs up Dont worry. Be happy. You are still the best teacher I ever had.

    Buzz, Your site is the best 3D site ever. You are the one that got me started
    taking 3D seriously, and the reason I've been a bit absent at your site is that I'm going to a school and learning Maya. This is a full year course, and belive me, without your VTM's I would probably had a very hard time getting through the year. Too bad about the online classes that have been taken off your agenda, but hey, there's still a great community we got here. Post a question and there are experts hanging around here to give you their professional opinions. That's a darn good achivement in itself to attract such people. Whatever you do, you seem to do it well, so keep your chin up buddy, and dont be disencouraged by a few leechers and warez people that just dont get it.

    I was a sponsor for a while but due to economical issues I was forced to put money elsewhere. Taking this maya course I'm at is pretty darn expensive, and I need every coin to get by. But I'm getting back to supporting the community as fast as possible.

    Best regards from snowy Norway. Tore.

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    Jul 2004
    Right on mate looking forward to see whats gonna happen


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