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    Apr 2002
    Thanks to your vision Buzz, I have got to grips with 3D Max.
    Go forth and prosper my friend! rules!!

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    Nov 2003
    * O-Town, FL *
    BuZZ, your VTM's have given me (and im certain the rest of the community) a greater chance to work in the 3D industry. Yeah, I am attending college for this type of stuff. But the fact is we all need some help sometimes. And when im up late in the night trying to figure something out, I come here and find EXACTLY what im looking for. Each and every time I do!

    You have given hope not only to me, but a dozen of other aspiring artist/coders/level designers/etc. You have shown me that I DO have a chance to make it. That I CAN learn. Thank you, a million times thank you!

    - D3aTh_M0nK3y (fellow dreamer)

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    Jan 2003
    beyond space and time
    i can remember when i heard about this site through the vtms with 3d world, and was shocked that you gave all these high quality tutorial videos for free! i downloaded all of them, not realising what it would do for the bandwidth etc..., and im sorry for that.
    3d buzz has truly been amazing for me learning 3d but also to the 3d community in general and it would be a lesser place without 3dbuzz in it, i also feel that you shouldnt think that you need to apologize. thanks for taking the time to say those things anyway

    thanks again

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    Oct 2004
    I really didnt see anything wrong with 3DBuzz. It seemed like a great community from the start and it has been that way.

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    Hi Buzz,

    You may feel that the Houdini online class might not have been all
    it could've been, and I can understand that. However, you should know
    that in my case it worked. Completing the assignments gave me a
    grounding in Houdini I would not have gotten if I had been working alone.
    The posts in the class forum were a glodmine of information.
    If you have something better than that in mind, then bring it on, I say.

    Thanks for letting me be part of that class and this community.


    Michael A.

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    Buzz, the Dream lives on. There are other sites with free/pay contents, but this one is the best. Heck, it looks like those sites come *here* to interact and converse.

    This web site is a god send ... not because of the free, oustanding content or the great community. It's because this site made me believe that I could learn in this wonderful world of 3D creation. Before this site, what did I have? Some confusing books on C++, a lot of so-so books on DirectX, and endless sample codes of Pong and Tetri$-clones?

    I believe that I can learn this. I believe that I can install the Maya PLE and create good content I believe that a pure computer geek like myself can actually be artisitic. I believe that creating 3D is not some $2000+ activity that I can never attain. I believe I can get better thru trial, effort, and failure because others have gone thru the same process. I believe I will be proficient in creating 3D content, even if the stuff looks like crap right now. I believe a full time worker like myself can learn this complicated stuff because I love it and I *will* make time for it.

    I believe in this site. I believe in 3DBuzz & Company ... I can't imagine where my learning would be without this site .. probably trying to figure out where my next $50+ will be spent @ ...

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    Feb 2004

    Thumbs up thanks a lot

    I sincerely thank you for the heart touching letter. I can only image how much you feel better taking it all out of your chest.

    Good luck and I will figure out the way I can contribute here in 3D Buzz.

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    Apr 2004
    Look buzz, This is a plain old great community wich has given alot of people the chance to learn alot, and it is all thanks to you. So you shouldn't be so hard on your self. And as stoner guy said, we'll all stand by your side.

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    OH BTW ITS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BWUAHAHHAHAH especially since not all of us are so rich o_0 like me lolll my only contributions can come as thank u's until i make some serious ching ching !

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    Sincere thanx to Buzz and crew for whom it would not be possible for a guy like me to have an education of this caliber. I don't have alot of money but what little extra i do scrape up I happily donate to 3DBuzz to show my appreciation for what a wonderful gift you have given me.

    I read in your above statement that you felt angered by those who take and do not give back and I totally understand that, however the way I happened upon knowing about you all (Buzz,Crew, and Community) was my brother came to me with a pirated copy of your max 4 vtms (which by the way had a link to your site) and I was so syked about what he had found that rather than continue grabbing it up for free I chose to save away so that I could be a member sponsor and try to pay back what had been graciously handed over to me.

    So in short if there is to be an apology to made here it is by us the community for we are many and you guys are few and we treat you as if you are our personal tutors which is more resposiblity and stress than most normal human beings can stomache so I apologize for not being understanding to the fact that you guys have your own lives and familys to go home to, or to the fact that though i got a free education somehow it just is not enough or that the download was to slow (probably my fault i went with bellsouth hehe). Either way you slice it you tried to do the impossible and for the most part succeeded so again I apologize and thank you all for helping.

    I will never leave your side!!!!

    My 3DS Max Sprite Sheet Renderer
    A government big enough to give you everything you want,
    is strong enough to take everything you have.
    -- Thomas Jefferson

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