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    Apr 2004
    Oh BuZZ...

    What you have given me and the other members of 3DBuZZ... I just... I'm shocked to think you need to apologise. But I understand it is better to sometimes get these things out in the open and let people know what it's like from your point of view.

    I think the humility and honesty you displayed should, at the very least, silence many critics - who may be the vast minority, but are sometimes more vocal than the masses of patrons who appreciate everything you've done for us.

    Where I live, I can't get a decent education in 3D. The universities here prefer to focus on courses that make the most money and our education system has been ruined over the past few years. But, thanks to 3DBuZZ I have a grounding in 3D Graphics and Animation that surpasses anything that I'd learn anywhere in this country. I might even qualify for an apprentice position - at least, I have the skills to start out in this business. Thanks to you.

    To offer something a bit more personal: I'm a manic depressive. Part of my condition is that I have difficulty in finding a purpose for my existence. I see my life as being pretty pointless. But when I do 3D, I get excited about things. I see that there's potential to do something amazing. I only have confidence in that potential amounting to something because of 3DBuZZ. If I had never seen your VTM's, I'd have given up on 3D by now, thinking it was way beyond me.

    You've helped me greatly Mr. Busby, and I thankyou.

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    Dear Buzz I read every bit of your letter and found it to be very beautiful it was very touching. You do so much for this site and you have changed so many peoples life’s over the years with all the great stuff you offer for free. There are many people out there that now have a job in 3D graphics because of you. And I think what you do is great it really is. you are like a star it would be a dream to come over and visit you and help you out I would work for free as long as I could get to be apart of such a great team I would do it I really would. I must say I am happy you have removed the Karma restriction so now more people can download your VTM'S and me too. I come here when I can but not as much as other people do and when I tried to download a vtm and it said I could not I felt cross. Because in my heart I no im not just someone who comes here to get your VTM'S and go and never come back. But I fully understand why you implemented the Karma restriction in the first place and if I was you I would have done the same thing. Also may I add I really don’t think it would be bad of you if you start charging people to download the VTM'S. yes some can still be free but you got to do what you got to do to keep the site going and if that means charging people to download them, then so be it. but I no this is something you have never wanted to do but like you said times are getting tight and if things don’t change maybe we will see an end to 3D Buzz. Even if you charge something silly like a few $ or few pounds a month off everyone it would still help the site to keep running. Really buzz you are great don’t put yourself down about this. I must say just 1 more thing I feel so cross with the people that come here get the VTM'S and go they make it hard for people like me who are genuine. I don’t come here as much as some people but im still not someone who comes here gets them then runs away and never comes back. Maybe there is another way around making such a system where things can work for all. I wish you luck with your site and hope to see you sometime and come over and help you out even if I need to do your house work I will as long as I can help you in someway.


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    Don't lose heart. The online classes are nice but I have found that the community itself is what is special. I've only been a member of the community for a little while and I was impressed with every aspect of it, the people make it so.

    Not everything grows the same way and not every project is perfect, and adjustments sometimes need to be made. Not making those adjustments would have been worse. I will support this community for a long time to come.

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    Thumbs up

    Hey Buzz,

    I´m working in Germany as a 3D Artist( Maya), and without this great site and that powerful VTMs I think I have never had the chance to come to such a quality! I will spread your site and your vision to everyone I know who is interested in 3D.

    Rock on Buzz, I will stay a member sponsor as long as I can, it was the best decision I did for a long time.

    I´m looking forward to the future of 3DBUZZ,

    greetz, beat
    Bohnen, Linsen, Sauerkraut,
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    Dear Buzz,

    Anybody that does something great, be it a good deed or a bad deed, will have enemies. The bigger the deed, the bigger the enemies. That's just the way the world is, and you shouldn't let it upset you! You're doing something HUGE! People will get jealous, people will get upset that they can no longer rip people off with their inferior videos, etc. So nobody can be loved by 100% of the population.. And there will always be the ingrates that bite the hand that feeds them.

    But the rest of us recognize your efforts and we thank you for giving us this site and all it has to offer. We have no right to complain, and we never did.


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    ... SHOCK ....

    To me, your the greatest man in the world...
    Thanks to you I almost knew more about 3d, than any of my classmates in my 3d class....
    No one can take that away from you, and I appreciate all that you have done this far...

    Thank you Jason..

    (O.o )
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    Originally posted by 3dmax6
    I must say I am happy you have removed the Karma restriction so now more people can download your VTM'S and me too. I come here when I can but not as much as other people do and when I tried to download a vtm and it said I could not I felt cross. Because in my heart I no im not just someone who comes here to get your VTM'S and go and never come back.
    This was a common misunderstanding -- Buzz allowed you to download five videos if you showed up with no Karma. And if you weren't visiting very often, you'd still be able to download five videos the next time you came back. Meanwhile, just browsing the forums while those videos downloaded (without posting ANYTHING) would have given you enough Karma to keep downloading.

    ...which means, for you to have been stopped from downloading, you need to have grabbed those five files, seen five explanations of how little was required to contribute, ignored those simple requests, and then got cross with Buzz.

    I can point you to a dozen threads where the community at large tore someone apart for that behavior. And I understand that you don't see yourself as taking without contribution, but the Karma system actually did a great job of establishing exactly that. You were allowed an appropriate amount based on your activity. How you approached that was up to you.

    Anyway, your priviliges are restored again, at least for the moment. And you should be happy about this. But you might be better served in keeping that part to yourself.
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    These views are my own, not to be considered official for the site, or representative of anyone else's thoughts on the matter. If I have offended you, I was either trying to make you think, or to make you laugh. Please take my comments in the spirit they were intended, and let me apologize in advance for any misunderstanding.

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    I've been a membersponsor since the start, and I must say I was relieved to see your 'apology'. I'm really excited to see you will go back to the roots, so to speak, as that is what I initially wanted to sponsor. You're a man of great vision and a great teacher and I'm really looking forward to the 'new' old buzz.

    It's understandable you get discouraged by all the whines, leechers and whatnot. It's the same problem as any other place, the negativity will always overshadow the positive. But just try to remember that you're still making a lot of people happy, by doing what you're doing.
    Dan 'pezz' Kronholm.
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    Ah, trials and tribulations

    Dear Community,

    It has been a pleasure getting to know the people across this site. I am deeply indebted to all who have contributed (including the team, the sponsors, members, etc).

    Your (Jason/Buzz) appology was (as mentioned) not needed. Your work and accomplishments (including your dreams) are alive in us and doing well. I have done everything i can to appreciate the work you all have done (vtm's, forums, advice, etc) and will continue to stand by and aid 3dbuzz in its' time of need.

    Whether you believe it or not, this IS the community you dreamed of creating and it has come true. With each step, and trial, we learn and add it to our experiences to make the next attempt even better than the last.

    I pray you ignore those who complain and listen to the THOUSANDS you have help, and the THOUSANDS you have given inspiration to. Remember, we are here for you as you have been for us. Do not hesitate to call on us as we have called on you so diligently in the past.

    I raise my glass to the 3dbuzz team, sponsors, and members! You have all helped me to see that creativity is joy in its simplicity (and complexities), and this joy has grown within me because of all of you.

    Sincerely, Jason D. Spencer A.K.A. craftart2003

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    This thread took me a little by surprise and my initial reaction was not to reply to it because I didn't feel it was my place to comment, however I now think I'll say my piece.

    I've been a huge supporter of the site and have been a member sponsor for the best part of a year (although not currently). When I signed up to be a member sponsor I did so to genuanly help the site out because I have gained so much from the community for free so as soon as I felt I could give a little back I did. I did at times think you and the crew could be a little more involved in the executive lounge etc than you were but simply just put it down to the fact that you and the crew had big plans and were working for the good of the site so I feel there is no need to apologise, although I totally respect what you have said.

    I now work in education sector (a job that this site/community helped my achieve, so thank you) and you wouldn't believe how often I use the concept of 3dbuzz as a source of inspiration. To be honest nine times out of ten it hasn't even got anything to do with 3d more your inspired concept for teaching and learning.... truly inspirational.

    A huge number of us owe you, the crew (both past and present) and your family a great deal so thank you for all you have done.

    I was going to wait until after Christmas to sign up for member sponsorship again but I'm feeling Spiderman 2, I Robot etc on dvd can wait a few more weeks

    PS - If there is anything I can do to help let me know

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