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    large data across the world

    Hey Guys

    I would like some advice on which way I should go to set up a fast connection that will allow us to upload large final frame files to our client's on the opposite side of the world.

    We have been right though the whole deal with our local cable company’s Telstra and Optus. We are currently on an ADSL connection as well however it does not cut the mustard either.

    Our current speed is 1500/256.

    I guess my question is what did WETA (New Zealand) do when it required files from RISING SUN in (Australia) you cant tell me they did it thought the local telecommunications cable infrastructure.

    The same could be said for any post house needing to move large amounts of data to another location in the country or world.

    Please help we will be in some serious strife if we cant pick up our upload speeds.

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    How quick do you need them to get there?

    You could probably pull in several full T1 circuits for a few thousand dollars and get a good 6mbit feed going up.
    past that point you'd need a fractional ds3 or something along those lines.

    If this is a temporary thing then this probably won't do though.

    I would check with your provider htough and see about getting SDSL at the very least. It will provide you with a syncronous connection. i.e. 1.54mbit up and down as oppose to 1.54x256k

    If you need faster then you will have to spend more.

    I just need to know how fast it has to get there.


    just noticed your in australia; this may limit your capability to get SDSL; so you may have to get either a T1 or E1 depending on wether you follow european or american communications standards.

    Either way you should be pretty well off.

    Failing that; something that compresses the files on the fly and delivers them might be your only solution.
    Also; how much bandwidth does the other end have?
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    Well pretty much here in australia any price you are thinking of you can triple it. To get any faster than what you have with unlimited you are looking at easily $200 it wouldnt suprise me if your paying near that now a month the only thing i can really think of is as stated sdsl. The highest ive ever seen though is 512k/512k at $149 a month over at, i do recall seeing an isp selling business plans that had an upstream of 1.5mb except the price was around $400 a month.

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