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    Hey. I have a class who have no other purpose than to show a corona (are going to use it with a flashlight), and now i want to make it connect to the weapon or weapontip bone. After searching trough the code (using undox, who i recently discovered made the job of learning uscript much easier), i found a function called attachbone.

    In all the other code, they wrote AttachToBone(theClass, 'bone_weapon'), without any reference to which pawn to connect to...
    My corona class are child of 'Effects', and are spawned from my 'equipment_flashlight'.

    Also tried to 'SetLocation(getbonecoords(and something))' each tick, but that was coords, and needed vectors...

    Any knowledge out there how i should really do it?
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    AttachToBone works on 'self'

    So if you want to have the pawn Other attach Hamburger to 'rhand', it would be

    Also, with regards to GetBoneCoords... Coord.Orgin is the vector location of the coord.
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