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    Whatever happened to compassion and maturity?
    It died a few days after the internet became public.
    "Booleans are for wankers and beginners!"
    - Lurky

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    and that is what is "sad" about the world today
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    This thread looks like a good reason to post something that's been bugging me lately.

    Now I am a fairly new member here so anybody can discount what I say if they like.


    I have downloaded a lot of the VTM's and I can not say how much I have learned since I became a member here. Doom 3 editing and scripting, 3dsmax, Unreal Tournament editing and PHP/MySQL. The community here is very knowledgable. For instance if I post a question in the 3dstudio max forums, a response is usually posted within an hour. Here is the kicker, all of this for FREE!

    Now I see people posting, complaining about things such as their karma is to low to download vtm's or they have to wait in a queue to download a vtm. That kind of talk really rubs me the wrong way.

    Here we have a man who has gone out of his way to create mass amounts of free training, a thriving online community and yet people somehow feel they have a need to complain? I guess that just rubs me the wrong way.

    Where I come from, when a guy does something nice like this you take him out, buy him a beer and thank him, not complain because you had to sit in a queue for 10 minutes or complain because not ALL of the training on HIS site is free.

    There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

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    Originally posted by kfallscody
    [General Ranting aboot complainers]
    I'll drink to that...

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    ALL the VTM's are free....

    The only money being payed here is by people donating to 3d buzz. For these people buzz is giving them vtm's FREE!. you are not paying for the VTM's whatsoever. You pay because you want to help the site, not to get the videos. It doesn't say anywhere that you get anything for donating money so you shouldn't expect it. You aren't buying anything. All the VTM's are free.

    If you can't understand these SIMPLE concepts then maybe you should give up on the complexities of 3D right now and go back to coloring in between the lines.

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    its really sad to see that buzz has already made so much on the site for free, not to mention that even with the karma system, you can dl 5 files every 72 hours, i mean, there's already so much on the site and yet, people *still* insist for more its really sad to see posts like these...

    edit: not to mention that you can buy the c++ vtms 0.o

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    As you can probably tell, I dont post here very often. That does not mean for one second that I dont appreciate everything that Buzz and his colleagues do, Im surprised he finds time to get it all done to be honest. Sadly I dont get as much time to spend on here as I might, and I hope to devote myself when I have the cash as a sponsor member.

    Your doing a great job Buzz, dont let these little retards get you down.

    Your idea is dumb!

    @njl - YEP

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    is it me or does someone always complain about vtms atleast 10-15 times a week? =\

    perrs think about it like this

    if you read the download section you will see a column
    free course ms
    if you see something in the ms that means you need to be a ms to download it

    and if your smart enough to find out what ms means, surely you could come to the conculsion that you would need to be a membersponser to be able to download those videos?

    your next question should of been how do i become a ms not why cant i download it and what is this ms thing?

    ms cost 35 a month.
    max cost what 3500? ms visual c++ is around 50-100?

    surely you cant possibly be complaining about paying for training?
    i would surely hate to be in your shoes or anyone else who constantly complains about needing to pay to access special training if you ever goto college.

    if you can afford max i dont see no reason why you cant afford a ms.

    if you think the videos might suck then thats a reason to be wary, but since buzz has a ton of videos freely available you can easily come to your on conclusion about if its worth it to you or not without yelling at the guy who puts all this together.

    so in closing if 35 a month to help a guy out and support a great site who offers free knowledge is a bit to much then here

    buy that its only 600 =)

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    Originally posted by perrs
    So the VTMs a free. You just have to pay to download them. That makes absolutely no sence at all. If you pay for something it's NOT free.
    There are lots of situations where being in a certain group allows benefits. For instance if as an employee of a company you could use the company gym free but others could not it would still be free, but only to members of that group.

    When I worked for a large company I expected the paper and pencils to be 'free' for me to use. I feel they would have been a little miffed if someone came in and rifled through the cupboard though.

    The world is not about black and white it's about context. Buzz's page are perfectly clear in context.

    On the Member Sponsor: as somebody has pointed out, in comparison to the cost of the applications the monthly fee is very reasonable.

    Let's put this in the context of IT training - it's not unusual for a 5 day course to be £2500 or more. Let's see that's about 100 months or over 8 years of Member Sponsor fees.

    I understand your disappointment but let's be clear here:

    Buzz is doing a service, and altruistically at that, to the whole world.
    Buzz has to feed, clothe etc just like everybody else.

    It is your duty to support him and his team if you are truly a member of this community. If you can't afford money, there are lots of other ways. Helping other people in the community, learning for yourself and being happy about it, giving moral support to others on their journey.

    What is not helpful, useful or pleasant is to rant and rave with no constructive use to it .

    So have a look at what you can do rather than what you can get, and you know what, it could bring a little happiness into everybody's day.

    Anyway best of luck in what you do - but think about giving a little back.



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