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Thread: Blender VTMs

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    Blender VTMs

    Okay, for those of you who are interested in Blender and who are too lazy to keep up with, here goes some info. If you are serious about Blender, I highly suggest you sign up for the forums there. It's THE resource for the Blender community.

    === BLENDER VTM'S ===

    added 08.31.04 - Blender Basics VTMs by Metsys

    added 09.15.04 - Subdivision Surfaces by GreyBeard

    added 10.05.04 - Dupliverts by GreyBeard

    added 10.23.04 - Camera Changing by HEADCHEESE

    added 10.22.04 - Key Framing and IPO Curves by GreyBeard

    added 10.22.04 - GreyBeard's site also lists the VTMs that he's done.

    added 12.13.06 - Neal Hirsig VTM's (The most complete set of VTM's that I've seen around.)

    added 01.09.07 - AVB Softworks (Another "complete set" of VTM's.)

    added 01.09.07 - 3D Blender & Game Modeling tutorials

    === BLENDER COMMUNITIES === - formerly known as

    pre-compiled uncompleted list by birras. - Another Blender Community Site

    Hope this helps!

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    Great. Thanks for the links.

    Have always meant to learn Blender, but been put off by it, have tried it a few times and got really confused by it. Will give these a look though.


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    Thank you I'll watch some of these right away. I heard a lot of good words about Blender.

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    head good words too, bnut the interface is shoddy ive been told, im learning xsi EXP 3 till it improves.

    thanks for the links

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    Thanks for your excellent work and assembling this list. Most useful and I'm glad people are turning out good work to help others learn this great program.

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    Excellent - I have been using the latest blender with Yafray (I am so pleased it all intergrates nicely now!) - have had some nice results from it. Awesome program, once you get used to the workflow
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    Thank you so much for this!
    I tried Blender out a couple of months ago but never really took time to learn it since I already got a 3DSMax license but the license expier soon so this will be very useful!

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    I started out with Blender. The first version I used I think was something like 1.78. It's good to see that the creators put aside thier egos and brought in raytracing. It's a cute little program and free to boot. Too bad it is just too alien from anything else out on the market.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnbrindle
    Awesome program, once you get used to the workflow
    I couldn't agree more. I used it a lot in the early days and the workflow can be very fast and enjoyable if people would take the time to learn it. I am surprised by the number of people that dismiss it after trying it for only a short period of time. After all, they spend eons learning Maya and the like. Must be because Maya costs a lot and they feel it must be worth the investment of their time.

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    The links are great, thanks. I agree with others - Blender is great program

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