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    Originally posted by hammcbride
    invader zim (duh.)
    fairly odd parents
    jimmy neutron(although i keep finding 'clipping' mistakes and such, the only downside to doing 3d )

    angry beavers
    ahh! scary monsters(or something to that effect, havent seen the show in years)
    I think the show you are thinking of is called AAAHH !!! Real Monsters. I used to watch that all the time.

    BTW i forgot a few

    Inspector Gadget
    Rocko's Modern Life
    and i still can't belive i forgot Jimmy Neutron lol.

    Incase you can't tell i watch alot of Nick.

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    Rocky and Bullwinkle
    SpongeBob Squarepants
    Anything in 'Vault Disney'

    I love those old disney shorts.
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    Re: Yes another favorite thread (Children Cartoons)

    Originally posted by Cimadragon
    Teen Titans
    my favorite animated show not in japanese, though i wonder sometimes
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    a few of the children animaions i like are

    rocket power

    some old ones i liked were

    thunder cats

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    Originally posted by Angela

    Thunder Cats hoooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I'm definitely with you on that one! Always used to watch that when I was younger every Saturday morning. How I miss it.

    Always on the look out for that on DVD, but I don't think one exists. Found a DVD of 'Defenders of the Earth' but that's about as close as I've got. Oh well!

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    Bob the builder!

    and some old school stuff like care bears, old ninja turtles, and ohh yeah thunder cats! :P i was such a tom boy growing up i watch care bear when no one was looking! :X

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    I used to own all the Thundercats stuff on VHS,as it never actually aired here.
    Used to watch it all the time
    Other favs are Eek the cat (including terrible thunderlizards) and old transformers.
    These days I mostly just watch the Family Guy DVDs over and over while waiting for the next season tho
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    ohh yeah forgot about transformers, how could i do that! that was the best out of them all!!! must be becuase i just woke up! ahh!

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    There's one CGI small kids cartoon that I somehow can't stop watching.. it's called little planets (or small planets or something like that, it's "pequeños planetas" in spanish)... basically is this guy covered with hair that always goes around with a little guy that kinda looks like a spider (several legs coming out of his head), and they are launched on a couch to different planets based around a central theme (one is an industrial planet, another is based about colors and so on). It's really silly, but it has some really cool animation..

    EDIT: found it, it's called "tiny planets". here's a pic in case anyone has seen it and doesn't know the name..
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    It’s funny that you guys like the cartoon Battle of the Planets, I remember when they use to be called G-Force. What a difference a decade can make.

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