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    What hardware is FPS in Maya reliant on?

    Hi, I've got a quite detialed character I want to animate on my computer, it's not that there are a lot of polys to shift, probably mainly that there are quite a few expressions and stuff going on.

    Anyway, when I'm aniamting the real time playback is really slow, the FPS display reads about 7 rather than around the 20s. So I bought a big ass graphics card thinking this would speed it up (Nvidia Quadro 980 xgl) but it didn't, what should this crad actually increase?

    So I've got a dual 1.5 Athlon Mp machine, 1 Gig RAM and the above graphics card running Maya 5. Is there something on this card I need to activate?

    Bacially what do I need to upgrade to have my animations play back pretty damn smooth in the viewport rather than having to constantly playblast?

    The same character on my mate's laptop can playback in the viewport at a much better rate, but I don't ant to have to get a laptop.

    Please help! Any suggeston, wise knowledge would be much appreciated.


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    Are you changing the settings in Maya at all? If it's set to "play every frame" maya might have trouble getting the framerate up. Maybe you can set it to real-time and see if that helps.

    For me, I have no choice but to use the playblast option.

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    what you could do, is model a 'proxy' model, like make a lower-poly version of the model, and animate that, them once your finished, smooth the polys, and make it a higher poly model

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    Yeah that's how they usually do it. Maya's viewports aren't the fastest in the world (realtime viewports now that Alias has acquired Kaydara?). Make a low poly model that uses the same rig as your hig poly model, and just use the high poly character at rendertime.
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    I also wouldn't go with a 980xgl. Even though it is a quadro, it is an older model based around the same chips as the GeForce 4 cards. I would look at the new generation of Geforce cards first, like the 6800 series, or save for a Quadro FX1100 or something along those lines.

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    Yeah, I know about all that low poly stuff, it's got really simple geometry parented to the bones, no deformations at all.

    But I think it's all the blend shapes, expressions and what not being calculated on every frame that's slowing things down. I also think the problem lies in the CPU.
    I've got a dual 1.5 Athlon, so my guess is the playback is only running on one procesor, so it's only using 1.5 for playback rather than using both which is pretty slow where as my mate's laptop is a single processor but running at 3.2.

    So my question now is, does anyone know how I can get Maya to be using both my processors for the viewport playback, that would solve everything. If not I'm goign to have to buy another motherboard and faster CPU. Please say someone has the answer!!!

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    I think it depends on what rendering method you use tbh. If you use Hardware rendering then your GPU's handle that. if it's software rendering it would rely more on your CPU's processing capabilities.

    If you go under the preferences there should be an option to use all CPU's (although I think it should be on by default.) Ill have to look exactly where the option is though.

    Also check your DX9 or OpenGL settings. I have mine on max Quality so my FPS's are pretty low - but image quality is high. If you select performance you will see more FPS's but your image quality will not look as good as the quality option.
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