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    Making my own characters Attack

    this seemed to me to be an easy venture---given all the other things we have been doing in the mod---we are doing a single player exprnce

    but is there a tut or trick ??

    i have my own characters, and i want them
    (they are riggged to the unreal skeletons)
    to run around as enemies---

    we cant seem to get this to work---
    we are pretty thrifty with unreal---not noobs---- but im missing something here---
    can anyone help?
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    you mean you want the bots to act as an opposing force right?

    try digging thru the unrealscripting forum you should be able to find what ya need there cuz you need to modify the AI scripting

    or i could be totally of my rocker
    Aint that some ...

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    sure i mean
    i know about digging for the code---
    we are doing that
    theres agood bit more involved than just getting some scripts and placing them
    i am looking for people who have done it and can share any pointers etc
    we are creating a single player exp not a multiplayer exp

    anyhow we have pieced some things together
    but if anyone has DONE this, if you could give some help, would be apprec
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