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    Flickering Light Wont Work....

    I got my flickering light to work in UED. But when i build the lighting it stops flickering and in game it becomes a normal steady light

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    Read the stickies please ........

    Dynamic lights work in UED, but not in-game

    That is correct. Many dynamic light effect where taken out of the game due to performance issues. You can still get them by giving an Emitter lighting properties, but your wise to not do this. Dynamic lights are real FPS killers and having only a few of them quickly decreases fps. It's better to achieve those type of effects with projectors and emitters.

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    flickering lights

    There is a few ways of making it work. One is to use a Trigger light instead of a normal light. Then under the Triggerlight actor properties. set bInitiallyOn to TRUE. Then some (not all) of the light types will work. But like stated before by a few people you want to use these sparingly.

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    def a bad idea if u have a large level with lots of stuff going on

    if u can block off ur light---- lets say in a building and then maybe some portals or something to cull it from the rest of the map
    otherwise, as slack says
    it will kill ur map
    emitters, i would say the same thing
    there are always ways to do things like that ---- even ways not heard of on here---
    play around and see what comes up

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