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Thread: Bones or biped?

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    Bones or biped?

    i want to put some character animation on my human model and i dont know what the best way to do this is.... is it better to use Biped or Bones..... and why?
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    if you spent the money for charater studio, then use it. there is no point in not using it.
    is it better to use Biped or Bones..... and why?
    i would suggest to learn both, bones and cs. the pro's of bones are that you can create your own custom rig, and that this is software independent, means that if you get a job but they use maya, you still know how to setup bones for your own custom rig.
    cs is fast and you can get good results pretty fast. but i would learn both and starting with bones.


    edit: there was an interesting thread about this a few days ago at 3d-palace: 3d-palace biped vs. bones thread
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    Bottom Line ----

    Wanna fast production ?? Go for Biped

    Wanna work hard but animate without any boundries.... go for bones

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    I'm currently working on a personal project for which I started to use CS on one character, but due to the need to customize the amount of bones needed for another character, I had to build a custom rig in Bones.
    Learning both has helped me a lot, though. I'm not constrained to one type of system and can now select the tool best suited for the project accordingly.
    If you have the time learn both. If you're in a rush, you might want to start with Biped/CS.

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    i always ask this but never get a answer but i will try again...

    Is there anywhere I can get a free skinned biped of a human character ?

    My skinnings have been awful and it would be nice to have a good reference

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